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XL Airways France, an airline based in Charles de Gaulle Airport, has quite the history. It has more than 20 years of experience in providing safe and reliable air travel services for its passengers. Every year, an average of more than a million people goes on trips with XL Airways France. It specialises in long-haul and mid-haul flights going to various parts of France as well as the Antilles, Caribbean, Indian Ocean, the United States, and the Mediterranean region. The airline also handles charter flights for major French and European tour companies.

Various changes on the management did not affect the commitment of the airline to travellers going to various parts of the world. It was owned by Cedric Pastour in its inception as Star Europe in 1995, but was then transferred to Transat A.T. some time after. When XL Leisure Group became the operator of the airline, its name was changed to XL Airways France. The company, however, went bankrupt in 2008. It was saved just in time by Straumur-Burdaras Investment Bank. After a period of recovery, XL Airways France was sold to X-Air Aviation, its current operator.  

Why Fly with XL Airways France

How to Check In

At present, XL Airways France does not offer online check-ins. Passengers can only check-in at the airline on the day of their flight, so it's important for travellers to appear at least three to four hours before their scheduled departure. The check-in process closes around 30 minutes (mid-haul flights) to 60 minutes (long-haul flights) before the take-off time, which makes it necessary to be early. All the documentary requirements must also be ready at least a day before the trip. Travellers must make sure they have their e-ticket or counterfoil, proof of purchase of any additional service, and valid passport and/or identification cards. Every piece of baggage must also be labelled to make it easier to find in case of loss.

Baggage Allowance & Fees

There are various regulations to follow for baggage items depending on several factors such as type of seating, size and weight of bags, and flight path. For cabin baggage, the suitcase must measure within the required limit (55cm high x 35cm wide x 25cm deep) from handle to wheels. Maximum weight is 5kg for economy class while 10kg is for galaxy class. Both classes of service, however, can take an additional accessory such as a purse, a laptop, or camera. An upright stroller or car seat is also permitted in the cabin for those travelling with infants. Fees for the hold baggage and sports equipment depend on the flight path of each passenger. Baggage is oversized if it exceeds the 158cm limit (height + width + depth) from handles to wheels. The weight requirement should also be kept in mind. Some place a 20-23kg limit while others allow up to 32kg. An additional fee per item/journey will also be applicable. Passengers with important belongings (e.g. money, perishable food, art works, jewellery, business papers) must carry them in the cabin. They should also learn about prohibited goods which they are not allowed to bring with them. These items are: explosives, containers with pressurised gases, radioactive or magnetised substances, firearms and ammunition, as well as any item that can be dangerous to keep in the aircraft or exposed to other travellers. It must also be noted that carrying liquid items are also regulated. Only small quantities (a maximum of 100ml per product) are allowed. They must be placed in a transparent and re-sealable plastic bag measuring 20cm x 20cm. There are no restrictions, however, for those carrying liquid medicines and baby food. Travelling with pets such as cats and dogs is possible with the airline. They must be more than four months of age and be in a closed cage or bag measuring 45cm x 30cm x 20cm. They will also be weighed in to ensure that they are within the allowed weight. It is also important to bring the attention of the airline to a possible pet flight during the ticket reservation to find out more details to be considered.

Inflight Services

Meals are available on every flight with XL Airways France. There are differences, however, in the menus offered for economy and galaxy classes. Passengers will have the choice of ordering more items in the menu. They can select from a list of international cuisines available. Special meals, on the other hand, can be hard to procure. Only vegetarian meals are currently allowed for those who cannot eat what's on offer for each flight. To verify this, contact the airline for more information. Audio and video entertainment options are also available. Headphones may be provided on request for economy class. Individual audio and video players, on the other hand, will be given for free for those in the galaxy class.

Booking Fees

Fares and other types of fees depend on the age of the traveller. Children under the age of two are considered infants. Each infant must have its own adult companion, which means that if a couple is travelling with three infants, there must be an additional adult who will watch over the baby. Infants who turned two before their flight back can still be considered as infants on the outbound trip. There's also a 10kg baggage allowance for every baby. Children less than four years old will need a parent or a designated companion to accompany them. This also applies to passengers aged 5-12 years old, unless they apply for 'Unaccompanied Minor' status. Pregnant women up to their eighth month can travel abroad, as long as they have a medical certificate which states they are fit and safe for travel. Passengers with reduced mobility due to a disability can also fly with XL Airways France. No fees apply to any recognised assistance dogs accompanying their owner in the cabin. Passengers with a large build are also welcome in the flight. They can use a free additional seat if it is available. Travellers will need to inform whether they will do so while they reserve tickets to determine the availability.


There are two types of seating arrangements – economy class and galaxy class.

XL Airways France

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0892 692 123 - France 00 33 322 19 25 04 - Outside France

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Continental Square II

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