Author: Anthea Piong

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Here are cookies demystified: does clearing them make flight prices go down? What are they anyway? Find out all you need to know about cookies here.

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Ever had a flight cancelled, rescheduled or delayed? Check out these 10 travel tips for what to do if this happens to you.

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Hungry for dim sum in Hong Kong? Here are the top 10 recommended dim sum restaurants in Hong Kong for you to try out on your next trip.

Smiles all around: Tips and tricks to keep your kids happy on a flight

Flying with kids can really put your patience to the test, not to mention the patience of other passengers around you too. Boarding a plane is typically how most vacations begin, but for young kids, putting up with the confined space of an aircraft for a long time can be challenging. Luckily, Skyscanner has come up with some useful tips on making air travel as enjoyable as possible – both for the children and everyone else around them!

Top 10 smart gadgets to bring on your travels

Once upon a time, all you needed to bring on your travels was a map and a small pocket knife. But in these modern days, travel is no longer the same. With a tempting selection of gadgets that adds so much convenience, speed, and ease to our lives, who can resist? Whether for flying with kids or for your own entertainment purposes, here are Skyscanner’s 10 favourite gadgets to take along on any holiday for an added boost of travel comfort and style.

What to see & do in Bali in 24 hours from morning to evening

Ever since the 1900’s, Bali has been recognised the world over as being Indonesia’s hotspot for tourism. And once you’ve been, you’ll see why. There is an endless number of things you can do on this sublime island, from beach bumming, surfing, and eating, to getting to know the culture and partying it up all night long! Check out Skyscanner’s guide to experiencing Bali in 24 hours.

Travel smart: Top 10 tips for every backpacker

There are few things in life that feel as liberating as travelling with just your belongings in a single backpack. Wandering around the world, exploring new sights and sounds, and meeting new people can make for a wonderful travel experience (and wonderful stories), but only with the best preparation before your trip. Skyscanner recommends these 10 tips every smart backpacker should know to guarantee fun and stress-free travels!

Craziest things you can find in an A380

Hailed as the quietest and most comfortable aircraft around since its debut in 2007, the Airbus A380 is, hands down, the best way to travel around the world. If you’ve flown on one before, you’ll see why! Skyscanner highlights the top 5 craziest services offered on the A380, and you wouldn’t believe some of them!