Author: Jason Brick

Spotlight on Tioman Island: Diver’s Paradise

Tioman Island isn’t just one of the best places to dive in Malaysia. It also has a worldwide reputation of being a diver’s paradise – with its low prices, remote location as well as its extraordinarily diverse land and sea wildlife. Here is Skyscanner’s list of everything you need to know when planning your trip to Pulau Tioman.

5 extreme sports opportunities in Southeast Asia for your bucket list

Enjoyed our article on marathons, but can’t get enough? Many not only make serious sports a way of life, but turn it into an excuse to explore the world. Here is Skyscanner‘s list of five of the craziest, most epic sports journeys available in the region. Whether you dare to participate, or just come for the spectacle, these make a great opportunity to see a new side of ASEAN.

5 exciting Malaysian whitewater adventures you need to try soon

Malaysia is mostly famous for its surrounding waters, and beckons scuba and snorkelling enthusiasts from all over the world. However, those who discount Malaysia’s rivers are missing opportunities for some of the best whitewater in the region. Here is Skyscanner‘s list of favourite whitewater experiences throughout the country. While some river experiences are sedate floats, these have the volume and the rapids to make for a wild, wet time.

How to maximise 3 days in Jakarta

Jakarta is one of the largest cities in ASEAN, but doesn’t get enough attention. Most tourism in Indonesia uses the city as a jumping-off point for Borobodur, Bali or jungle expeditions. That’s a shame, because Jakarta herself has plenty to offer. Here’s our guide to a perfect three-day itinerary for your time in the Big Durian.

5 dos and don’ts when riding a train through India

India is a very large country with many things to do and see. You can hop from one site to another via internal flights, but exploring the country by rail is an experience of its own. The sleeper cars of India Rail are comfortable, clean, air-conditioned and some are even equipped with their own toilet. Here is a Skyscanner-approved list of important dos and don’ts for people attempting this colourful travel adventure.

Tomb-raiding Thailand: Top 4 ruins to explore

You don’t have to be Indiana Jones (or even Lara Croft) to love exploring ruins. They give us a window to a different time, and a better understanding of both the people who once lived there and of ourselves. Thailand has a wealth of both large and small ruins. Skyscanner highlights four of its greatest gems.

Orangutans in Borneo: a guide to visit these “persons of the forest”

Orangutan tourism is a life-changing experience, but many providers in can be sketchy and environmentally unfriendly. For a cruelty-free Orangutan experience, the tours to and around Indonesian Borneo’s Camp Leakey are some of the best available. Requiring multiple flights and definitely taking far off the beaten path, this is not a simple trip. Here is your Skyscanner-approved guide on how to make it happen, step-by-step.

Best Yee Sang in Malaysia for Chinese New Year 2015

Yee Sang, Lou Sang, Yu Sheng, Yu Sang. However you spell or pronounce this iconic raw fish salad, it’s the dish of choice when celebrating Chinese New Year – consuming it is supposed to bring prosperity for the coming year. The core ingredients of Yee Sang are usually similar (each one has a specific meaning, and removing it might mean bad fortune), but subtle changes in the sauces and other extras make some Yee Sangs better than others. Skyscanner tosses you some options to consider for this Year of the Goat:

Top guide to Thaipusam 2015 in Malaysia

Thaipusam commemorates the legend of when Parvati gave Murugan a spear so he could defeat the demon soorapadman, and is a Hindu festival most fervently celebrated by the Tamil community. In Malaysia, where three-quarters of the Indian population are ethnically Tamil, Thaipusam time is a major celebration observed by Tamil Malaysians, locals who like to party, and tens of thousands of tourists each year. Skyscanner highlights the who, what, when, where and why you need to experience this festival for yourself.