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Check out these 8 great places to break your fast in Kuala Lumpur this Ramadhan

Ramadhan greetings from Skyscanner! Kuala Lumpur is makan central. Use this handy guide to find the best places to buka puasa this Ramadhan. For the tourist visiting Malaysia, make sure to go for the “buka puasa” experience at any of the hotels or even at the Hari Raya Bazaars.

10 Affordable holiday destinations in June for cuti sekolah 2019

The school holidays are almost here, and you run the risk of missing out on the hottest deals to the best destinations if you don’t…

Where to go for a New Year holiday?

This New Year’s Eve, don’t be left out in the cold. The best parties are booked fast, so you’ll want to get ready now. This handy guide by Skyscanner will help you choose where to go for your New Year vacation, plus how you can best usher in 2018 and say goodbye to 2017!

Long live the queen: London deals for all budgets

Skyscanner shows you the best, cheapest flight prices to London from Kuala Lumpur! Whether you’re looking at budget airlines, cheap airline tickets or just to check flight schedules, look no further!

Head to Indonesia for your next family vacation, a land of countless opportunities for fun and adventure.

Regardless of what you and your family might be looking for in your next holiday, chances are you’ll find it in Indonesia. Known as the Emerald of the Equator for its countless verdant islands, Indonesia is an in-demand destination for families of all stripes. You could fill your entire bucket list with Indonesian locales and discover dozens more in your travels. Read on to find out what makes this amazing country so perfect for travelling as Skyscanner introduces you to the best destinations in Indonesia.

Skyscanner Travel Deals: Find cheap flights to Japan

Visit Japan and enjoy all the best Japanese attractions today with confidence knowing that you’ve found the best deals for your budget with Skyscanner. Travel backwards in time as you wander the historical and traditional area of Kyoto, get lost and be in awe in exciting Tokyo and experience for yourself the difference it has with Osaka. Search and book with Skyscanner right now for your winter wonderland holiday to Sapporo or your tropical R&R in Okinawa as we work with more than 1,200 travel partners to bring you the best deals there are out there. Best of all, our service is entirely free!

8 things to do in Bangkok with your children

The year just kicked-off and there will be several long weekends waiting you and your family! How about a family getaway to Bangkok? Though known for its wild nightlife, there are plenty of activities for those with young ones in tow as well. Plus, Bangkok is also a top destination for families from all around the world. Here’s a slew of family-friendly things for everyone to try and enjoy:

Scuba diving in Southeast Asia: when and where to go

Trade in your boring office routine and fly from Kuala Lumpur for a week’s worth of sandy beaches, sunny days, and amazing dives in prismatic technicolour coral reefs at one of these diving spots, counted among Asia’s – and the world’s – best. This handy guide tells you where and when to go; think Tioman, Raja Ampat, and Sipadan just to name a few. Once you’ve made up your mind, book your tickets through Skyscanner’s handy app.

Travel smart: guide to OTAs (online travel agents) on Skyscanner

Ever tried booking on Skyscanner and was redirected to complete your booking on an online travel agent that you’ve not heard of? Don’t worry, as Skyscanner searches over 1,200 trusted airline sites and international OTA partners. These OTA partners not only offer amazing travel deals, but also help to ease your travel worries via cheap hotel rates and the occasional lower transaction cost. So fret not if you’re searching for cheap flights for your holiday and see unknown names. Here’s a handy guide to the OTAs on Skyscanner: