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Car rentals in Buenos Aires Jorge Newbery Airport


Car Hire at Jorge Newberry Airfield

This information is correct as of June 2015

Travelling by car is relatively easier than exploring an area via public transportation. There are various options available when you land at Aeroparque Jorge Newberry, which you can think about adding to your holiday arrangements. Get to know the different concerns in hiring a car through this guide from Skyscanner.

Where to hire a car at Jorge Newberry Airfield

There are six car hire companies operating at Jorge Newberry Airfield – Sixt, Hertz, Avis, Thrifty, Europcar, and Alamo. Desks can be found in the terminal, where you can transact regarding your choice of vehicle and length of lease. It is better, however, if you transact with your provider of choice in advance, so the process would be faster and you are given the keys to the car you will be borrowing. It is also important that you prepare everything you might need. Two sets of driver's licence (both local and international) can be brought, as well as other relevant documents so you are fully covered. Your travel insurance or auto insurance might also apply in this situation, so make sure to check.

What to expect when hiring a car from Jorge Newberry Airfield

With its back on the Rio de la Plata and a position overlooking the southwestern part of Uruguay, Jorge Newberry Airfield is not as busy as its bigger counterpart, Ministro Pistirani International Airport. The traffic in the area can be moderate to high, especially in the peak season, when tourists from different parts of Argentina and some parts of South America (Brazil and Chile particularly) turn to Jorge Newberry Airfield. To make sure you do not get caught up in the rush, schedule your trip in more optimal times of the year. You can also book flights that will arrive at the congestion hours of the city, which are likely mornings and late afternoons.

The roads surrounding the airport are: Av. Rafael Obligado Costanera, Av. Int. Cantilo, and Av. Leopoldo Lugones, which will allow you to reach the following areas: Buenos Aires, Avellaneda, Quilmes, Florida, Olivos, Martinez, San Isidro, Don Torcuato, and several others. Toll roads can be found going to Buenos Aires, so make sure to prepare enough money or credit, depending on the mode of payment required.

If you need to refuel, you may either turn to the Esso Station between Av. Rafael Obligado Costanera and Aliviador Costanera Norte. There are three more branches by Av. Pueyrredon, Av. del Libertador, and Av. Cabildo. There is also an Estacion de Servicio Esso by Av. del Libertador, while a YPF Estacion lies by Av. Pres. Figueroa Alcorta.

Driving around Jorge Newberry Airfield

To reach Buenos Aires, you will have to go through Av. Rafael Obligado Costanera and then take Pres. Arturo Illia to Av. 9 de Julio in Comuna 1. An alternative route can also be considered such as getting on Av. Int. Cantilo in Comuna 13 from La Pampa. You can then venture to Av. Leopoldo Lugones from Acceso A Puente Labruna/Puente Labruna, and then go on to Av. Leopoldo Lugones again to take Pres. Arturo Illia to Av. 9 de Julio. Both routes have tolls, so be ready to pay a certain amount. Fees go higher between 7:00 am – 10 am and 5:00 pm – 8 pm.

A third route can also be part of the plan. After continuing to Av. Rafael Obligao Costanera, you can take Av. Pres. Ramon San Castillo to Av. Dr. Jose Maria Ramos Mejia in Comuna 1 and then go on to Juncal to Av. 9 de Julio. You should pay attention to the signs carefully, as this route has restricted usage or includes private roads.

The traffic can be intense in all the city routes, so it is best to practice patience. You should also keep in mind that Argentine drivers are aggressive drivers, so be careful in navigating your way across the city. It is best that you know defensive driving. When it comes to parking, make sure to arrange it beforehand at a hotel that offers parking facilities, so you can store away your car conveniently.

Getting to your destination

There are a number of destinations to reach from Jorge Newberry Airfield:

La Plata
Designed as the capital of Argentina in the beginning, the city is full of historic sights to appreciate. In La Plata, you can check out a number of buildings designed in European styles. There is the City Hall building, which has a German Renaissance style from 1886, as well as the Cathedral in the New Gothic design, among others.

To reach this part of Argentina, you need to get on Au Buenos Aires – la Plata/RN1 in Comuna 4 from Av. Pres Ramon San Castillo, Av. Eduardo Madero, and Av Ing Huergo. Follow the Buenos Aires – la Plata/RN1 to Av. Domingo Mercante/RP11 in Ensenada. Take exit 52 and continue on Av. 122/RP11, RP10, and Puerto to 25 de Mayo in Berisso. If the traffic is light, then you will arrive here in about one hour and 30 minutes. Tolls have to be paid on the way, so make sure you have enough money. Parking should also be arranged beforehand through hotels and inns, just in case there are limited opportunities.

San Nicolas de los Arroyos
A city in the province of Buenos Aires, San Nicolas features a richly cultured life and a series of Marian apparitions. The most important structures here are the Rafael de Aguiar Municipal Theatre and the Popular Library founded in 1947. To get here, you should get on Av. Int. Cantilo in Comuna 13 from la Pampa and then follow RN9 to RN188 in San Nicolas de los Arroyos. Take the Ruta Nacional 188 exit from RN9 and then continue to RN188, which will lead to the city. Tolls apply on the way.

The trip will take around two hours and 35 minutes if the traffic is light. Parking here, however, can be hard to find, so make sure to call your accommodations ahead of time to enquire about parking.

As the birthplace of Che Guevara and the Argentine flag, tourists will note a city known for its cultural institutions. Galleries, however, are interspersed with restaurants and skate parks, as well as beaches and islands, making a nice vacation venue.

After getting on Av. Int. Cantilo in Comuna 13, you will then follow RN9 to Bv. Oroño in Rosario to finally arrive in Cordoba. Make sure to travel outside the peak hours to arrive in the area around three hours and 10 minutes from the airport. Upon arriving here, make sure you already have a reservation at the nearest available parking spot in any hotel in town.

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