Rental companies may charge extra for drivers aged under 25, normally payable when you pick up your car. Age restrictions may apply in certain locations. Check the rental company's website before booking.

Car rentals in Alicante Airport

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###Car Hire at Alicante Airport This information is correct as of June 2015. All data are retrieved on June 2015.

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###Where to hire a car at Alicante Airport Travellers may pre-book a car or book upon arrival to the Alicante Airport. There are at least eight car hire companies in the airport, with the desks located at the main passenger terminal. These companies include Goldcar Rental, Avis, Hertz, Europcar, Enterprise Atesa, Record Go, Centauro, and Sixt. The said companies can accommodate (upon notice) passengers with special requests, and may provide various types of cars, ranging from family vehicles, vans, sedans, sports cars, limousines, and many others. Complete details of the companies, including their phone numbers, opening hours, location, and websites can be found here.

###What to expect when hiring a car from Alicante Airport Travellers who are booking rental vehicles may order their cars upon arrival to the airport, through the main passenger terminal on the ground floor. They may also book through the respective airline websites, or via phone through the toll-free numbers as provided above. Before booking, travellers should prepare all the necessary documents, including their driver's license, international driver's permits (as required), proof of payment (if prepaid), and other identification documents as deemed necessary or as requested by the car hire company. After which, travellers may proceed with the booking, choose the car model they want, inform the company of any special requirements, check the equipment that will be provided (jack, tools, extra tires), and others. Once the booking is confirmed and paid, the car hire companies will then scheduled the pick-up and the drop-off points as confirmed by the traveller. There, the travellers will be provided with their car keys, permits, and the vehicle itself, so that they may proceed on their journey out of the airport and to their vacation sites and spots. Upon reception of the cars and the papers and upon vehicle activation, travellers will be subject to the rules and the regulations of the car hire company, and the road safety rules of the country that they are driving in. He or she should be aware that in the event of breech of any of these rules, he or she will be dealt with accordingly. Some car hire companies require returning the vehicle with full tanks, so make sure to note those little details to avoid fines.

###Driving around Alicante Airport The Alicante Airport is located near the coast, surrounded by the main roads N-338, N340, and N-332. These roads provide travellers the access to destinations from the airport, through the coastal areas, and to the inner municipalities. Generally, driving around is fairly easy, as the roads are paved and well-maintained and other drivers navigate roads safely. Furthermore, the area has flowing traffic, which means that there are rarely any heavy build-up on most roads during the day. Just watch out for the roundabouts though, particularly on the N-340, since these might mislead you to other areas.

From the airport, the nearest urban area is Alicante, located some 12 kilometres from the airport. Central Alicante is home to various services and establishments, including hotels, churches, restaurants, parks, galleries, retail shops, and many others. Travellers who are planning on heading further and going for long drives, may stop here first, get rested and fuel up before leaving and driving again.

###Getting to your destination Valencia
Beautiful to point with all the characteristics of a global city, Valencia is one of the nearest big destinations from Alicante, a city that is worth the drive. Visit its many cultural spots, and sample the food while you're at it.

Reach Valencia by navigating out of the airport through the city of Alicante, and driving through the A-7 all the way to the V-31 and V-30. You will reach the city of Valencia in two hours tops – especially since there is only light traffic on this road.

The capital and the most populous city of the Autonomous region of Murcia, it is called “Europe orchard,” due to its place and its long agricultural tradition as fruits, vegetables, and flowers producer and exporter.

In less than an hour, reach Murcia by driving towards the A-70 from the N-338 near the airport, and taking AP-7 and A-7 to Ronda Norte/N-340 in Murcia. Take exit 140 from A-30 to reach the city.

A port city tucked within the region of Murcia, Cartagena is worth the drive out, especially for those who are hoping to uncover the Roman heritage in Spain.

Reach Cartagena by getting on the A-70 from the N-338 in the Airport, then taking A-7 and A-30 to RM-F36 in Region de Murcia. Exit at exit 184 from the A-30, and continue to follow RM-F36 to go into the city.

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