Rental companies may charge extra for drivers aged under 25, normally payable when you pick up your car. Age restrictions may apply in certain locations. Check the rental company's website before booking.

Car rental in Dubai

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###Car Hire in Dubai This information is correct as of June 2015.

###Where to hire a car in Dubai Dubai is a rich and continuously progressing city in the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East Asia. Its reputation of luxurious way of life has charmed tourists to visit the city all year round. Getting to Dubai is easy and getting around it is easier. Public transportation is easily manageable as well as booking rent-a-car services for your utmost convenience.

One of the most trusted companies playing the field of car hire business in Dubai is Budget Car & Van Rental, UAE, a franchise of Budget Rent A Car International. Dollar Rent a Car offers car hire services in 18 locations all over UAE, including Dubai. The services offered include 24-hour offices as well as pickup and drop off services to and from Dubai International Airport Terminals 1 -3. Europcar houses a well-maintained fleet of modern vehicles and offers daily, weekly, monthly, and short and long term rent-a-car options. Bravo Luxury Car Rental, offers another wide array of modern vehicles ranging from family SUVs to luxury sports car, all well-tended by its staff of professionals. Diamondlease Car Rental also provides pickup and drop off services to and from Dubai International Airport as well as to and from various major hotels in the Dubai.

In addition, Thrifty UAE operates in 28 branch locations all around Dubai with offices strategically placed in the airport, major hotels, city landmarks, and the biggest malls in the country. Dollar Rent A Car is another international car hire provider that operates a local branch in Dubai. It offers a modern fleet of vehicles and services that will make each visitor’s tour of the city comfortable. Sixt, Alamo Rent A Car, and Budget are some other internationally trusted rent-a-car providers that service Dubai.

###What to expect when hiring a car from Dubai An international driver’s licence is enough for a tourist to be allowed to drive freely in Dubai roads. The country operates through left-hand driving with traffic staying supposedly on the right hand side of the road. With 8- and 10-lane highways, the roads practically allow motorists to have a leisurely drive along its stretch. However, road accidents and deaths in Dubai is one of the highest in the world. This, of course, is the effect of the liberty of having expensive cars coupled with the chance to drive them fast.

When traffic builds up, it is usually from 7-10AM and 5-9PM when people transport to and from the office and home. From 12:30-2PM and 3- 4:30PM are also the time when traffic builds up when split shift employees take their mid-afternoon breaks.

When driving outside the cities, expect to encounter camels and donkeys on the road, though pay closer attention to camels. As they usually like to hobble towards approaching cars, hitting them could get you in trouble in two ways. One, due to their height; camels are likely to topple and go through your windshield, depending on the speed you’re racing on. Two, camels are fairly expensive even without the sure distinction that they’d be the most prized camel in its owner’s herd. Following traffic rules, which is generally the same as with other countries around the world, and staying away from making rude hand gestures while on the road will ensure you a peaceful drive along the roads of Dubai.

###Getting to your destination Since driving in Dubai is fairly easy, getting to one destination after the other will prove to be a great experience for every tourist.

Desert Safari
When in Dubai, make sure to experience the Desert Safari. Many rent-a-car companies offer this trip; all you have to do is make sure to pick a reputable one that offers the best insurance.

The area is just about 11-16 minutes away from the city centre, via Dubai - Ghweifat International Hwy/Sheikh Zayed Rd/E11 or via Financial Centre Road/D71. When taking the first route, note that it has tolls.

Fujairah is a seaside resort located on the East Coast of the Emirates. Here you can enjoy great diving locations with some beaches featuring black sands that could add to the thrill of the experience.

Approximately an hour, from Dubai, you can take E 102 and Sheikh Khalifa Bin to get to Fujairah.

Ras Al Khaimah
Ras Al Khaimah, an hour’s drive away from the Emirates Road, features a collection of five star hotels and beach resorts that promise total relaxation to every visitor.

There are three routes that you can take to get to Ras Al Khaimah. The quickest route would be via Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Rd/Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Rd. Alternatively, you can also go via E11 (this route has tolls) or via Emirates Rd/E 611.

Al Ain
Just a close drive from the city centre, you will find Al Ain, also known as The Garden City where you can drive to the top of the Jabel Hafeet mountain and get closer to the country’s fauna at Al Ain Zoo.

Driving to Al Ain can take an hour to two hours depending on the route that you will take. Going via E 66 will only take an hour and 36 minutes, while going via Emirates Rd/E 611 can take up to two hours and nine minutes.

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