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Car rental in Kuala Lumpur


Car Hire in Kuala Lumpur

This information is correct as of June 2015

Kuala Lumpur is the national capital and most populous city of Malaysia. Among its well-known sights and attractions include Petronas Towers, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur Bird Park, to name a few. A great way to get to these destinations is by self-driving with the rent-a-car services provided by international and local car hire providers within the city.

Where to hire a car in Kuala Lumpur

Reputable local car rental companies are also present within Kuala Lumpur. rent-a-car companies from within Kuala Lumpur include Mayflower Car Rental, KL Car Rental Service, Suria Car Rental, WS Rent-A-Car, Paradise Car Rental Kuala Lumpur, Kereta Sewa TransAuto Car Rental, Citylimo Leasing, and to name a few. Via Kuala Lumpur International Airport, some of the rent-a-car providers include well-known companies like Hertz, and Avis, in addition to Kasina Baru, Pantas Rent A Car, Orix Car Rental, Insas Pacific Rent A Car. For more information on the vehicles and pick-up locations all throughout Kuala Lumpur, contact numbers are as follows: Mayflower Car Rental at +60 3-6253 1888; KL Car Rental Service at +60 3-6411 6216; Suria Car Rental at +60 12-786 1886; WS Rent-A-Car at +60 3-4256 6999; Paradise Car Rental Kuala Lumpur at +60 12-655 2677; Kereta Sewa TransAuto Car Rental at +60 17-687 6375; to name a few.

What to expect when hiring a car from Kuala Lumpur

Expect Kuala Lumpur city centre to be affected badly by the morning and afternoon or evening rush hour that makes the traffic heavy with most of the roads congested. Please be advised that the heavy traffic and congestion will carry out throughout all of the weekdays of the week, although not so much during the weekends. In addition, the roads within Kuala Lumpur are generally in good condition, the quality of the roads is good as well making for a great overall travel. When getting a rent-a-car, please be advised that although the roads are in good condition, it can be quite complicated to navigate since most, if not all, of the road signs are in the local language. We recommend to ask the car hire companies to have a GPS unit installed on the rented vehicles, if available. Also, do not park at the road of busy districts like Bangsar or Bukit Bintang, since it is common for other vehicles to drive on the second and third lanes and lock the car in its parking spot. When in need of parking, there are covered car parks in some areas, or it might even be better to just park a good distance away from the destination and then just walk back to the same area.

Getting to your destination

Some of the destinations that should be visited include Sepang, Sungai Pelek, and Nilai, among others. Use the brief instructions provided below to get to these stops.

Sepang, a town and district in Selangor, Malaysia is a former small town, and is now known for hosting the Sepang International Circuit, home of the Malaysian Grand Prix with the Malaysian leg of the Formula One race, along with the Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix.

Sepang from Kuala Lumpur can be reached in a total of 58 minutes or 67.5 kilometres. First, from MEX/E20 and Route 29, get on Route 32 within Selangor, after 45.5 kilometres or 36 minutes. Get to Jalan Manis 4 in Pekan Sepang, Sepang from Jalan Pekeliling/Route 27, Jalan Kuarters Klia/Route 344 and B48, for 22.0 kilometres or 21 minutes, and reach the destination.

Sungai Pelek
As a town within Sepang, Sungai Pelek can be found near Bagan Lalang beach and Golden Coast Sepang. The town offers a good number of mangrove forests along with a thriving brick-making industry supported by its local clay.

Driving to Sungai Pelek from Kuala Lumpur, go on Route 32 in Selangor from MEX/E20, as well as Route 29, this will take 45.5 kilometres or 36 minutes. Next, now on Route 32, get to Sungai Pelek by driving an additional 30.0 kilometres or 32 minutes. Please be advised that getting from point A to point B will approximately take an hour, nine minutes or 75.5 kilometres.

Nilai in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia offers a well-known shopping town with its many shopping malls like Nilai 3 Wholesale Centre, Nilai Square, Mydin, Giant Hypermarket, and Tesco Hypermarket.

The trip will take 41 minutes or 46.2kilometres. Getting to Nilai from Kuala Lumpur, get on Kuala Lumpur-Seremban Expy/E37 and North-South Expy/E2 to reach Nilai and then take exit 215-Nilai, for 40.8 kilometres or 31 minutes. Lastly get down Jalan Ts Itama and Route 3265 to reach the stop after 5.4 kilometres or nine kilometres.

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