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About Instant Cabs

Instant, efficient, and punctual are just some of the middle names of Instant Cabs, your fast and punctual rent-a-car provider hailing from New Delhi, India. Instant Cabs is an initiative of the eminent travel management company – Culture Holidays Pvt. Ltd. Only been in business for more than 12 years, Instant Cabs knows what it wants and gets what it wants. That is, to provide only the best and professional transportation services to its valuable customers. This has been the company’s drive unmatched by any other transportation services in the market.

The drivers at Instant Cabs are well versed in providing utmost care to the clients. With an end in mind to keep you safe, secure, and reach your destination on time, Instant Cabs also makes sure that each driver is endowed with defensive driving skills. Taking safety a notch higher, the company conducts inspections that includes drug testing and background checking to ensure that you are in safe hands.

Instant Cabs sets customised travel itineraries upon request, and has been well lauded by locals, foreign travellers, and even patrons. The company offers reliable and punctual service airport transport, ensuring of your arrival well ahead of your scheduled time of departure. Instant Cabs also offers sightseeing tours throughout India’s greatest gems that lets you go through the Golden Triangle tours, hill stations, pilgrimage, wildlife, and even same day and short trip tours. For those who are on a business trip, Instant Cabs sets the bars a notch higher as the company endows exclusive corporate travel solutions that allow you to travel in class and style. Apart from the rent-a-car service for corporate purposes, Instant Cabs also conducts business tours, meetings, and conferences, making sure that its patrons are well satisfied with its service.

Apart from setting customised travel itineraries, Instant Cabs also allow its customers the liberty to choose from its fleet of cabs. Each type of cab service is categorised in accordance to its usage and price value. Instant Cabs offers economic, luxury, premium, executive cabs, mini vans or buses, and the like. Just indicate your preference and Instant Cabs would gladly serve you the type of service that matches your need. The fleet of cabs are also installed with GPS/GPRS designed to keep you and your destination in track.

This information is correct as of June 2015.

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