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From pyramids to ancient relics, Egypt features a history so grand that its legacies are still standing tall and proud today. Some parts of magnificent sites such as the Great Sphinx might be weathered by time, but they still hang on and amaze tourists. It is no small wonder then that Egypt has seven official UNESCO World Heritage Sites and 32 more places in the tentative list. One can only marvel at the amount of treasures this Arab country has, but one has to stand in front of them to really appreciate the cultural scale that Egypt offers to the world.

Where to go

The pyramids of Giza, Luxor Museum, and Karnak are only some of the sights waiting in Egypt. After looking around the famous sights, one must also set aside enough time for a tour of the lesser known landmarks. One of them is the El-Gendi Fortress in South Sinai which was built on the order of Salah El-Din to control the pilgrim route between Cairo and Aqaba. The site is fascinating to see with its many towers and two mosques with cisterns and storage for provisions. Additional rooms were also set for soldiers while a deep ditch surrounds the hill where the fortress stands.

A part of Egypt's military history is encapsulated in the Newibah Castle, which stands on the ruins of an ancient one. Some of the blocks left behind from the original structure were used to build the outer wall of the new castle. One will also see here shafts and other openings used to engage enemies from behind the walls, as well as chambers for those standing guard in the castle.

One can take a detour to Denderah temple complex to see the Temple of Hathor. It commands the sight of every traveller passing by due to the statues guarding the front and the enormous columns supporting the ceiling. There are also hieroglyphic writings on the walls, which explain the history of the times when the temple was built.

Just across the Mediterranean Sea is the land of the Greeks. Tourists coming from Egypt to this country will find it a great point of comparison with Egypt. If the Egyptians influenced the way of life in the Eastern part of the world, the legacy of the Greeks pervaded Western civilisation. Other than Athens, one can explore other parts of the country such as Meteora. Travellers going here will not have to go up using large baskets pulled only by rope anymore. One can now drive up to the pavements and go directly to the monasteries where one can bask in the quiet and peaceful atmosphere among the religious of the Greek Orthodox Church.

Going up to Delphi, where the Oracle of Apollo once spoke, is also a destination to add to the itinerary. Travellers seeing this archaeological site that used to be the centre of worship will appreciate the cultural significance of the place where the Greeks once went to know the will of their gods.

Another country to visit for its ancient civilisation is China. It has a wide range of cultural treasures that one will find it difficult to choose which landmarks to see in a single trip. One, however, must put the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor in the top of the list. What is amazing about this structure is its thousands of terracotta warriors standing at the centre of the complex which was made to resemble Xianyan, the old capital.

The figures are all different, as well as their horses and even their weapons. One can only marvel at the artistic majesty involved in the creation of each terracotta warrior. Visitors will also marvel at the complex which makes up the final resting place of China's most famous emperor.

How to get out

Travellers leaving Egypt to see other parts of the world can board flights at Cairo International Airport. It connects with airlines based in various parts of Asia and Africa, as well as some parts of Europe.

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