Cheap flights from Western Sahara

A desert filled territory in North-Western Africa, Western Sahara is one of the many disputed regions of the world, a subject of decades-long struggles between Morocco and the Algerian-backed Polisario Front. Phosphate rich and believed to have oil deposits, the Western Sahara was originally a Spanish territory from the 1884 to the 1934 before gradually being taken away by guerrilla insurgencies in the region, especially the nomadic Saharawis in the 1970s. After a few years, the Polisario Front was established and this became the ruling party before Morocco snagged control in the 1976. Today, the parties still argue on who's going to rule the region; Moroccans claim their right to the land, but the United Nations is clear that the area is still in dispute.

Although the natural beauty of the oases and the dunes in the area make magic and still attract tourists, especially those in Merzouga, Figuig, and Tata, the volatility of the situation makes it a danger point. It is advised that tourists check on guidelines and further information before venturing in the country, or if still interested in checking out the Sahara, it is better to check it through journeys from Central Morocco, in the city of Casablanca and others.

Where to go

As said, the oases of Merzouga, Figuig, and Tata are scenic and safer to visit when checking out the beautiful, and sometimes, raging desert. The golden sand and the warm air is inviting travellers to ride camels and stroll lazily, while the locals' prepare the meals with hints of local flavour and culinary traditions. If not after the dunes, make sure to visit the cultural and religious sites in the area.

Spanish Cathedral – Found in the original Spanish town along the riverbed of Saquia el-Hamra, the rounded dome of this religious heritage mimics the local architecture – seamlessly fitting the other establishments in the area. Although locals are mostly of the Muslim tradition and religion, some of the population still visit the church, and travellers who come from Christian countries check on this unique speck of the Spanish heritage.

Souq Djemal – South-west of the cathedral lies the liveliest area in town: a huge open space where sellers meet buyers and buyers bargain like there's no tomorrow. Fresh produce, dyes, fabrics, and spices are featured hand in hand and can be bought at the cheapest prices.

The New Grand Mosquee – One of the many opulent mosques in Africa, the new Grand Mosque can be seen over the Palace du Mechouar, a beautiful and architecturally eloquent building in the area. A haven for Muslims, the mosque can be visited by tourists for an educational experience.

Short Haul

The vast majority of Western Sahara is administered by Morocco, so the same entry and exit conditions apply as for Morocco itself. However, due to the political strife, there are certain strains in the tourism and transport services, limiting the means of going out on short hauls to cities in Morocco, especially Casablanca and the capital, Rabat.

Long Haul 

Just the same, long haul flights out of the territory can only be possible if and only if the government allows it, or if taking a land journey to cross the borders going to Morocco, then going to the international airports there. Available flights in the airports in Morocco are somewhat limited to countries in the regions of Africa, a few in Europe and still a few in the Middle East Asia and South Asia.

How to get out

There are three airports serving the Western Sahara region although flights are limited to the neighbouring country of Morocco and getting in and out is a gruelling process given the fact that the political situation in the area is currently very brittle. If opting to travel to the country, it is best to check on the available flights from Morocco, then check the allowable travel areas and transport when crossing the border. A traveller's best bet on airports will be the Rabat-Sale Airport in Rabat, and the Mohammed V International Airport in Casablanca.  

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