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Faroe Islands feature a beautiful environment that looks widely different due to its greenness and freshness. One reason for this might be the unpredictable weather in the islands, which nurture the surroundings with its warm airflows and mild winters.

Those venturing to this part of Europe will also find a variety of arctic-alpine plants, wildflowers, grasses, mosses, and lichen. Grasses and heath flourish here as well, making it an astounding place to visit. Birdwatching, fishing, and other activities are also abundantly offered here, making the islands a venue of fun and adventures for those who want to go on a getaway yet remain close to the European mainland.

Where to go

Torshavn might be one of the smallest capitals, but it is packed with attractions for those visiting here. One of the sights to check out here is Føroya Fornminnissavn, which beautifully displays artefacts dating back to the Viking Age to the 19th century. A nearby site called Kurdaksvegur is also located here and shows a preserved 1920s farmstead complete with furnishings. The peaceful setting on a grassy bluff with marsh marigolds make one forget the site's proximity to the city, which is only 300 metres away major Hvitanesvegur.

Nolsoy Island, lying away from Streymoy, seems a world away with its serene atmosphere. The place is not as picturesque as the capital, but those who want to be away for a while and enjoy the quiet will find Nolsoy Island relaxing. The village of Nolsoy celebrates a big Ovastevnu festival every year in the middle of August, which attracts various locals and visitors to come and join in the fun.

Denmark, only two hours away from Faroe Islands, makes a pleasing addition to an international trip. It is a city full of fascinating sights such as Tivoli Gardens with its theme park rides and facilities. Perfect for those with children, one can spend an hour just taking in the scene of visitors herding away to the carnival games and older roller coaster. From here, tourists can venture to other landmarks such as Nationalmuseet, which enables visitors to get a crash course in Danish history and culture. One will find here sections on the Norsemen and Inuit of Greenland, recreated living quarters, and a Children's Museum, which features a classical antiquities section.

Those out to see more of Denmark can also check out Funen, where tourists will find thatched farmhouses and coastal towns. Renaissance castles also complement the island's fields and woods. Rolling pastures and orchards also serve as the breadbasket of the country, while the harbours welcome boats and yachts off to bring passengers back to the island. Odense, one of the major cities in the area is famous for being the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen. HC Andersens Hus is a must for fans who will learn more about the extraordinary life and times of the literary artist. From here, tourists can make a detour to other sites such as the Brandts, a sprawling art centre which feature thoughtful temporary displays. The permanent exhibits, on the other hand, feature more than 200 years of Danish art, which also includes an impressive collection of international photography.

Beaches in faraway Maldives can seem like paradise after spending some time in the cold North. Beautiful shores line the coasts here, which allow tourists to enjoy a variety of water activities. Snorkelling is widely popular, with various tourists enjoying the richness of the Maldives underwater environment. One will find here baby sharks and brightly coloured tropical fish flitting around dazzling coral spectacles.

The atolls feature various breath-taking sights such as those in Baa. Fishing is an important local industry here, but what the province is famous for is its lacquer handicrafts and fine woven sarong cloths. Addu Atoll, on the other hand, is home to the most colourful corals in the country. One will also find here a British military base, which harks to the times when Maldives was a British base back in World War II and Cold War.

How to get out

Those who want to visit other countries from Faroe Islands can go out of the country via Vagar Airport. Airlines serving here include Atlantic Airways and Atlantic Airways Helicopter that connect to Aalborg, Barcelona, Bergen, Billund, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Reykjavik-Keflavik, and a number of domestic destinations.

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