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Brief Introduction to the Country

Croatia has come far from being a part of the former Yugoslavia. Its history has granted a rich cultural legacy, which one will see in the beautiful landmarks built through the centuries. Roman columns were used in the construction of early Slavic churches, with the Venetian palazzos nearby the forts in the Napoleonic period. Elegant mansions in the Viennese style also compare well with the Socialist realist sculpture.

Now well-known for its beaches and enchanting coastlines, Croatia also displays a number of nature destinations to check out. The Dinaric Alps, stretching all the way from Italy to Albania, can be seen from the seashores. One can also explore around the area and taste Croatian cooking, which is noted for its simple homemade approach that show in the family-run taverns. All these make Croatia potentially delightful to visit, especially for those on the lookout for off-the-beaten-track destinations in Central Europe.

Where to go

Dubrovnik, located on the southern coast of Croatia, makes an attractive destination. The baroque buildings are protected by ancient city walls that protected a civilised republic for the Croats living here. They were built in the 10th century, totalling nearly two kilometres in length, with six metres of height and up to six metres in thickness. They make a nice place for casual strolls, showing off great views over the Adriatic Sea. The other highlights in the area include the Minceta Tower and Bokar Tower, as well as the forts in the area.

From here, one can check out the Stradun, where locals and visitors often gather due to the various cafes and restaurants. One can then venture to the Dubrovnik Cathedral and Treasure, designed in the Baroque style. It is notable for its three aisles and apses, as well as a splendid interior décor. Those who want to check out the view of the coast and turn to Fort Lovrijenac, called Dubrovnik's Gibraltar. It rises an impressive 37 metres above the Adriatic Sea, proving impregnable during the sieges by the Venetians in the 11th century.

Zagreb, the capital, features a number of pleasing attractions, as well. There is the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which is famous for its ornately decorated spires and the treasury with its many fine works of religious art, garments, and sacred objects. The Museum of Mimara, on the other hand, features a fine archaeological collection containing pieces from Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and other old civilisations. The Zagreb Botanical Garden with 50,000 square metres of numerous plants makes a pleasant escape from the bustling city.

Those who want to check out other destinations in the surrounding region can turn to Prague in Czech Republic, which is only more than an hour of away from Zagreb. Called the 'City of a Thousand Spires', tourists visiting Prague will find splendid views of lovely churches and old towers. Fine examples of different types of architecture can be found here, such as Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance, and Art Nouveau, making Prague one of the architectural gems in Europe.

Some of the landmarks to see here include Prague Castle, which was once the home of Bohemia's kings. Now the official residence of the president, visitors will find in its complex popular sites such as St Vitus Cathedral, St George's Basilica, the Golden Lane, and more. The Clementinum, one of the largest historic buildings in Europe, is also an important attraction, which features about six million books. There is also an exquisite Baroque Library Hall with beautiful ceiling artwork, the spectacular Mirror Chapel, and the 68-metre tall Astronomical Tower. The Old Town is also a marvel with the square to leading to more destinations, such as the Tyn Church and the Jewish Quarter.

On the trend of unusual destinations, Mongolia is one of the entries on the list. More than eight hours away via connecting flights from Zagreb, tourists will find here several unique attractions that are a marvel to behold. One can start with Ulaanbaatar, where checking out the Gandan Khiid, an important Buddhist temple, is not to be missed. You will find in this monastery the magnificent white Migjid Janraisig Sum, the main attraction. Hundreds of images of Ayush can also be found here, among many others. There is also the Choijin Lama Temple Museum in the middle of the downtown area, as well as the Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery, which displays paintings and sculptures on nomadic life, as well as the people and landscapes of the country.

How to get out

When visiting other countries from Croatia, tourists can turn to Zagreb International Airport. Airlines serving here include Aeroflot, Air Croatia, Air France, Air Serbia, Austrian Airlines, British Airways, Brussels Airlines, Croatia Airlines, flydubai, Germanwings, Iberia, KLM, LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa, Lufthansa Regional, Norwegian Air Shuttle, Qatar Airways, SkyGreece Airlines, Sun d'Or International Airlines, Swiss International Air Lines, TAP Portugal, Trade Air, Turkish Airlines, and Vueling. Only short haul flights are available from here, but connecting flights can be arranged to get to long haul destinations.

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