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Japan - also known as Nippon - is a country situated in Northeast Asia, bordering China, South and North Korea as well as Russia. Often referred to as the Land of the Rising Sun (due to the characters in its name, as well as its iconic flag) Japan is actually an archipelago consisting of thousands of islands, though 4 large islands make up most of the country’s land area.

As in any country, where the capital city is usually not to be missed; Japan is no exception, so get yourself over to the bustling and quirky Tokyo. This unique little city sports clean, well-organized streets and perhaps the most polite population in the world. See the tall and imposing Tokyo tower, have some authentic sushi and ramen noodles and be awed by the beautiful manners of almost every Japanese person you meet.

Next, visit the city of Sapporo, prefectural capital of Hokkaido and host of the 1972 Winter Olympic Games. Drop by the Sapporo Winter Sports museum for a glimpse of what it is like to be one of the athletes competing at the Olympics; from viewing actual documents used in the 1972 Olympics to experiencing how athletes actually feel through game simulations, there is no closer way for you to partake in the intense emotion and historical magnitude of the Olympics, short of taking part in one yourself. Then visit the iconic and gorgeous Hokkaido Shrine - built all the way back in the 1800s - for a bit of spiritual relaxation amongst the soothing cherry blossom trees.

For a quick getaway from Japan, how about a flight to neighbouring South Korea for a visit to Busan? There, you can personally witness the beauty of the Beomeosa Temple (also known as the Temple of the Nirvana Fish), an icon of Busan and one of the most important buildings for the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism, with a history of more than 1000 years. Also, take the opportunity to visit Taejongdae, a gorgeous natural park and iconic landmark of Busan. Taejongdae boasts views of dramatic tall cliffs and the crystal blue sea as well as an amusement park, light house, observatory and more. Taejongdae used to be a favourite hangout for a king of the Silla Dynasty - TaeJong Mu-Yeol - who loved shooting arrows there, and the park was henceforth named after him.

If you’re looking for a vacation somewhere far, far away, how about a flight to Abu Dhabi - capital city of the exotic United Arab Emirates - for a change in scenery? Visit the lavish and stunning Emirates Palace, which has more than 100 domes and 1000 chandeliers made of precious materials such as gold, mother-of-pearl and crystals. Also, don’t miss the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, largest mosque in the UAE and the eighth largest mosque in the world. Interestingly, the mosque was built using materials and artisans from all around the world, including Italy, Morocco, China and Greece, to name a few. With its shimmering marble, precious stones, gold and crystals, it is truly a sight to behold.

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