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A tiny African country along the coastline on the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, Morocco is a diverse country that features mountainous regions and rugged coastlines. Imbued with French influence, present-day Morocco mirrors European culture tinkered with Arabic influence. Case in point: Fez, the once-glorious capital of Morocco can keep anyone lost and wandering with its multitude of sights to explore, especially its frenzied Medina.

Tourists will find catching the sea-breeze in modern Casablanca refreshing and rejuvenating after their journey. The city by the sea is the cosmopolitan hub of Morocco after all. A leisurely stroll in The Corniche is the first thing that you should do. Once a thriving resort area, The Corniche is filled with hotels, bars, and restaurants, that everyone will surely find what suits their fancy. A trip to its west will lead you to the Hassan II Mosque, the second largest in the world. Suffice it to say that Casablanca is worth visiting for half a day and that is just about it. You can explore more of Morocco by heading to nearby Rabat, or French-rooted Fez.

By boarding a train or coach, you can reach the capital Rabat in an instant and will instantly love the quietness of the city. Head to Rue des Consuls, an interesting street to wander with its historical importance in the city. Once a trading area for auctioning slaves, with diplomats of each countries taking home with them the slave of their own nationality, present-day Rue des Consuls is now home to small shops who earns a living by selling embroidered and handmade goods.

Fez is one of the oldest and largest medieval cities that is brimming with all things French, imbued with Arabian influence; from the Palace-Restaurant Ville Nouvelle that serves hearty servings of French delicacies, to the hotels with modest accommodation in Fes el-Bali, and all the hullaballoos in the Medina (Old City) with their mosques, fondouks, and monuments, Fez will surely keep you busy and dizzy for days. You may also catch a glimpse of the sunset that overlooks the Medina and its surrounding tree-lined hills in the Merenid Tombs, an architectural wonder product under the Merenid Dynasty. You can reach Fez by taking a train from Casablanca.

From Mohammed V International Airport, you can reach other neighbouring destinations such as Cologne in Germany in just three hours 30 minutes. A small, liberal city with friendly and open-minded people that seemingly embraces people coming from different nationalities, Cologne is a melting pot of cultural differences. What’s great about this city is that finding directions is made easier for tourists, providing information in French, English, Spanish, and even sometimes, Japanese. If you are looking to develop your German speaking skills, travel no further and practise your German here, where locals are willing to extend a lending ear to help you out. You can reach most destinations in Cologne with its efficient subway, tram, and bus network system. Despite its small city size, Cologne houses the world’s best collections of museums and galleries. Try visiting the Museum Ludwig near the Central Station for a start.

From Mohammed V International Airport, you can globetrot halfway and find yourself in Doha in Qatar. Begin your journey in Souq Waqif, a renovated Arabic market quarter with perfectly arranged maze-like corridors. You can find local dry and wet goods from spices, textiles, and souvenirs which you can take home. Some corners are dedicated to restaurant establishments, and you can even try smoking Sheesha in another corner. You can also visit the town of Al Zubara Fort, an important archaeological site. The square-shaped fort with circular towers once used as a coast-guard station and until the mid-1980s was used by the military. It was reconstructed in 1938 and was turned into a museum that attests to the fort’s historical importance. Corniche is another destination that is hard to miss. The visually appealing seaside promenade overlooking the Doha Bay, Palm Tree Island, as well as the city skyscrapers, Corniche is a relaxing place to lounge and sightsee the locals’ way of living.

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In total, Morocco has sixteen airports; three of those are frequented by incoming and outgoing tourists. The busiest airport is the Mohammed V International Airport, serving the modern city of Casablanca. The airport frequently receives and dispatches flights to and from 42 airports and 37 cities in Europe, 35 African cities, five Middle East airports, three American cities, and one city in Canary Islands.

Next to Mohammed V International Airport is Marrakesh Menara Airport and Al Massira Airport, which serves the city of Marrakesh and major city of Agadir, respectively. Marrakesh Menara Airport frequently receives and dispatches flights to and from 53 airports, 48 cities in Europe, and one city both in Maghreb and Canary Islands, while Al Massira Airport handles 14 airlines with international connectivity to 39 European destinations.

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