Cheap flights from French Polynesia

Nestled within the blue expanse of Oceania, the French Polynesia is a group of little islands be-longing to France. Situated about mid-way between South America and Australia, the French Polynesia archipelago sits in the South Pacific Ocean and covers about 4,000 square kilometres of land, which is dispersed between 5 island groups (lles Gambier, lles Marquises, lles Tubuai, Ar-chipel des Tuamotu and the Society Islands) and more than 100 islands altogether.

French Polynesia is famous for its fabulous coastal beauty, and most often associated with images of turquoise waters, swaying palm trees and over-water villas. Of the region’s many islands, though, only about 67 (as of June 2015) are inhabited, the most populated being Tahiti (with its population of more than 180,000 accounting for some 60% of the entire French Polyne-sian population). The most renowned of the islands might well be Bora Bora of the Society Islands, though, as it was made famous thanks to the uber-luxurious beach resorts that abound on its shores.

Unless you’ve got a hefty budget ready, give Bora Bora a miss and try another one of the stun-ningly beautiful French Polynesian islands instead. Rangiroa of the Tuamotu island group, for one, boasts a massive coral atoll (one of the largest in the world) and an enclosed turquoise la-goon so huge it could fit the entire island of Tahiti within it. But if wildlife-watching is more your thing, head to Rurutu - the Island of Whales - for a look at frolicking humpbacks who visit the region to reproduce.

The good thing about travelling from a tropical paradise in Oceania is the fact that other tropical paradises are within easy reach. From Tahiti you can get to another world-renowned dream des-tination in about 5 hours - say hello to the USA’s Hawaii archipelago! Stunningly beautiful beaches, crystal clear seawaters, colourful coral reefs bursting with life, warm weather and quite possibly the world’s most active volcano - Kīlauea - await your exploration in this American state.

Tired of tropical scenery? For something a little different, grab a long-haul flight to another part of the USA - Alaska. Explore this northern state’s first city, Ketchikan, known as the ‘Yosemite of the North’ for its great natural beauty. There you can have a look at the Misty Fiords National Monument, where you can see everything from massive waterfalls, fjords, lustrous rainforests, snowy mountains, glaciers, icy lakes to dramatic sea cliffs all within 2.3 million acres of postcard-perfect beauty. Take a seaplane over the area for a birds-eye view of USA’s second largest areas of wilderness, or take a boat through the majestic Behm Canal and Rudyerd Bay waterways for a closer look at the area’s abundant wildlife.

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