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The Palestinian Territory or occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT or oPt) is comprised of the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) and the Gaza Strip – all are currently universally considered parts of Palestine. The boundaries of these territories are generally regarded by the international community as being defined by the Green Line. The UN started using the term State of Palestine since 2013, replacing "Palestinian Territory, Occupied," which previously referred to the Palestinian National Authority. The PNA, dominated by the political faction Fatah, and de facto only has control of certain areas of the West Bank depending upon the region, while Israel controls other areas. The capital is East Jerusalem (claimed, not recognised internationally) and the de facto administrative capital is Ramallah. The Palestinian Territory, along with Israel, is considered the Holy Land for three of the world's major religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Where to go

There are numerous historical attractions and landmarks in Gaza, all of them located in Gaza City. Visit Qasr al-Basha (also known as Radwan Castle and Napoleon's Fort), which used to be a large palace and now functions as a museum. It exhibits plenty of notable items from their collections, including Roman, Persian, Hellenistic, Phoenician, Ancient Egyptian, and Neolithic artefacts. One of the most interesting monuments in the Palestinian Territory is The Great Mosque. It is also the oldest monument in the city. The oldest active church in Gaza City is the Church of Saint Porphyrius, an Orthodox Christian church built in the 12th century. Funduk Al-Mathaf houses more than 350 antiquities discovered in the Gaza Strip from various historical periods. There’s also the Gold Market, a historical passageway in the old quarter of Gaza. It serves as both a centre for trading and buying gold, as well as a foreign exchange site.

It is very difficult to get in Gaza and West Bank, and they are the only entry points into PNA. Getting into Gaza is difficult as processing would normally take months; and 5-10 days for would-be visitors from countries with diplomatic relations with Israel. The main entry point from Egypt is through the Rafah crossing. The closest airports to Gaza are El Arish International Airport in Egypt and Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv. Meanwhile, similar to Gaza Strip, there are also no civilian airports within the West Bank. One would have to book a flight to Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv and then take a taxi or shuttle ride to Jerusalem (which takes less than an hour) and from Jerusalem, continue on to the major West Bank cities of Bethlehem or Ramallah.

There are no civilian airports currently operating in the Palestinian Territory. One would have to connect to either El Arish International Airport in Egypt or Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv to get to Gaza or the West Bank.

How to get out

There are six airports in the PNA: the Atarot Airport (no longer used), Gaza Airstrip, Muqeible Airfield (abandoned military airfield), RAF Gaza, and the Yasser Arafat International Airport (ceased operations in October 2000). However, all of these are either not accessible or have ceased operations.

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