Cheap flights from Vatican City State (Holy See)

Located in Europe, within Rome, Italy, the Vatican City is an independent state known for being the smallest in area, as well as population. As a walled enclave, it is ruled by the Pope, with The Holy See holding full ownership, exclusive dominion, as well as sovereign authority and jurisdiction, over the state. Communication within the Vatican City requires Italian, although Latin is the official language within The Holy See. Major spots within the state can also be explored with English as an option, for tourists and the like.

The climate within the Vatican City can be noticeably rainy, with hot and dry summers. Average annual high temperature has been recorded at 20.4 degrees Celsius or 68.7 degrees Fahrenheit, while annual average low temperature has been 10.0 degrees Celsius, or 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Where to go

A known destination for Christians, the Vatican City proves to be more than just a haven for people who wish to practice their faith. The city state offers spots that can be appreciated by a wide spectrum of tourists and locals. Primary stops are the Saint Peter’s Basilica, Vatican Palaces, The Vatican Museums, The Vatican Gardens, and Castel Gandolfo.

Saint Peter’s Basilica offers the main Basilica, facade and interior of the Basilica, the Dome; Saint Peter’s Square, Saint Peter’s Treasury; Pre-Constantine Necropolis, as well as Fabbrica di San Pietro. The Basilica, considered as one of the largest churches and one of the holiest Catholic sites in the world, is a structurally sound Renaissance work, and sacred destination. To get the complete deal, it is recommended to take tours to learn more about the historical and cultural importance of the area.

Within the Vatican, museums such as The Sistine Chapel, Pinacoteca, Raphael’s Rooms, Egyptian Museum, Pius-Clementine Museum, and Chariot Room, among others, provide a grand feast for the eyes. These places showcase artistic talent at its finest, with its various collections of work made by gifted artists from their time.

Among the main attractions within the city state also include The Vatican Gardens, which provide a breath of fresh air with its outdoor sights and scenery; Vatican Palaces, with architecture and design; and Castel Gandolfo, with its hall, villas, to name a few.

Travelling to and fro the Vatican City should be done via Rome, Italy and its surrounding areas. Ideally, for short-haul flights, countries such as France, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Croatia, Slovenia, Greece, and Austria are great spots to go to. These countries can be reached within an hour, give or take.

When looking into travelling out to countries out of the immediate Vatican City surroundings, some of the countries to look into include China, Australia, Brazil, Canada, United States, and Russia. These countries can be reached within seven to 18 hours, depending on the airline and the flight.

How to get out

Travelling out of the Vatican City requires flying via international airports such as the Ciampino - G. B. Pastine International Airport, Leonardo da Vinci - Fiumicino Airport, with the inclusion of Rome Urbe Airport, a small civilian airport. The airlines that fly to and from Rome via its two main international airports include Ryanair, Wizz Air, Alitalia, easyJet, and Vueling, with its flights in and out of Athens, Barcelona, London, Abu Dhabi, Bucharest, and Zurich, to name a few.

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