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The province of Brittany in northwestern France is an interesting one - though technically belon-ging to France, there’s nothing very French about the history, culture and language of this area whose people consider themselves Breton before French, speak a Celtic language with close simi-larities to Welsh and Cornish, play the bagpipes, listen to Celtic music, and are probably more genetically related to the Britons in the British Isles than their fellow French countrymen. Even the region’s name, Brittany in English and Bretagne in French, can be interpreted as ‘Little Bri-tain’.

The region’s distinct Celtic heritage is courtesy of the ancient Celts who settled there after fleeing the Anglo-Saxon invasion in Britain. Though the region has since been annexed to France, its people continue to proudly uphold their Celtic heritage: Brittany hosts an annual InterCeltique festival, a celebration of Celtic revival music which attracts spectators and musicians from Celtic regions throughout Europe and is today one of France’s major summer music festivals.

Besides its unique cultural heritage, Brittany - which is separated into 7 distinct departments - is also known for its diverse natural landscape and rugged beauty. With an area of more than 20,000 square kilometres, it boasts everything from sand and granite beaches to coves and rocky coasts, idyllic islands and inland woods.

Getting around

Getting around Brittany isn’t very difficult - especially for tourists with rental vehicles - as the roads within the region are all toll-free. There is also an efficient rail network that makes inter-city commutes within Brittany fast and comfortable; however, trains may not reach smaller vil-lages and off road attractions the region has to offer. For such places, public buses and coaches are available.

What to see and do

If in Brittany, a visit to the region’s famously gorgeous Pink Granite Coast is a must. A stretch of coast along northern Brittany (in the Côtes d'Armor department) the Côte de Granit Rose, as it is known in French, sports beautiful rocks, rock formations and sand all tinged a pale rose colour. It makes for a magnificent sight in sunset and sunrise (especially the region between Paimpol and Perros Guirec).

Another must-see is the prehistoric site of Carnac, located in southern Brittany. France’s most famous megalithic site, Carnac is filled with massive megaliths, dolmens, stone alignments, tumu-li and menhirs that date all the way back to the Neolithic period. Erected by ancient tribes, the area contains a number of burial sites along with more than 3,000 prehistoric standing rocks, the largest collection of megaliths in the world.

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