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Located on the English Channel near the northwestern coast of France, Guernsey makes a strategic port between various countries in Europe. This made it have a rich history dating back to 6,000 BCE when the Neolithic farmers settled on the land and built the dolmens and menhirs that can be found here today. Later on, the Britons settled here on their way to Brittany. Various other events followed leading into the Middle Ages, when pirates used the main island as a base to ground ships and loot them. Various invasions followed, but Guernsey was defended by the British until it officially became a British dependency in the 18th century.

Travellers going to Guernsey today will find a laidback getaway destination faraway from the hustle and bustle of Europe. The sights may not be as spectacular in the mainland or in the United Kingdom, but Guernsey can hold its own with the historical sites and various other activities that can be enjoyed here. This makes Guernsey a possible destination for tourists on the lookout for an easy-going vacation.

Where to go

Despite its small size, there are a variety of sights one can enjoy in Guernsey. One of them is the Pleimont Observation Tower, which was built by the Germans when they occupied the island during the World War II. Fans of military history will have fun looking at the original rangefinders, which are still on the site and working well. The battery dolman gun-site is also accessible nearby, which makes it more fun to explore. This site, however, is not available for viewing all year round. It is only open from April to October.

There is also the Guernsey Museum at Candie to see for its collections on the history, archaeology, and natural history of the territory. Temporary exhibitions are also opened here many times in a year. There is also a gift shop available for those who want original souvenirs as well as nice books to keep. From there, one can visit La Vallette Underground Military Museum which covers the history of warfare in the island. Various military and occupation memorabilia can be found here, which tell the story of how the country got on with the invasions, as well as the two world wars that racked Europe.

Victor Hugo House, or what is commonly called the Hauteville House, is a common attraction in Guernsey. It was the home of infamous Victor Hugo when he was exiled from France. Guided tours are available here, but only by appointment to preserve the house in its original condition when the literary artist was still living in the house.

Those interested to learn more about Guernsey would not be disappointed with a visit to the National Trust of Guernsey Folk and Costume Museum. This place offers a look at the past of the country when people dress a certain way and do things in a certain manner. Various displays on the domestic life, as well as the old industries in the island – from farming and fishing to the tomato industry – can be seen here.

Travellers planning to visit other parts of Europe can go to Germany. Dusseldorf, one of the richest cities in the country, makes a nice destination due to its amazing sights. Those who love art will be delighted with Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, a regional art museum which features a diverse range of canvasses, photographs, video art, and more. Those out to see the unique, on the other hand, can turn to St Lambertuskirche. This twisted tower has various treasures inside like the Gothic tabernacle and marble tombs.

For a marked difference in the atmosphere, one can fly on connecting trips to Dubai. This city is one of the most cosmopolitan urban areas in Southwest Asia. Going on a sightseeing walk on the city alone will make one gasp in wonder at the futuristic-looking skyscrapers. The coastline, as well as the desert, presents various enjoyable activities such as a camel ride and the like. The bars, clubs, and ritzy glamour can also be mesmerising, which can make one want to stay longer or visit more often.

How to get out

Travellers eager to explore other parts of the world can book outgoing flights on Guernsey Airport. Airlines serving here are Air Berlin, Aurigny Air Services, Blue Islands, CityJet, and Flybe. The majority of these flights will take passengers to various parts of England, with Air Berlin transporting travellers to Germany.

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