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Equatorial Guinea, officially the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, is a small country in Central Africa. It is divided into two parts, the mainland/insular – which comprises the islands of Bioko and Annobón – and the islands. It borders Cameroon and Gabon. Equatorial Guinea is formerly a colony of Spanish Guinea and has been discovered as one of the largest oil producing countries in Sub-Saharan and since then, its economy has prospered tremendously. However, this wealth is unequally distributed, with corruption plaguing the nation. Its capital is Malabo, and the official languages are Spanish, specifically Equatoguinean Spanish, and French.

First of all, visitors are highly advised to consult their physicians for Malaria tablets, since the cases of Malaria have been consistently high and are in fact the leading cause of death in the country. The places to explore in Equatorial Guinea are Malabo (in Bioko) and its largest city, Bata – which are on the edge of the island. See Malabo’s volcanic views and explore its rainforests, which serve as home to endangered primates and nesting sea turtles. Don’t forget to visit the colonial town of Bata on the mainland, home to the wildlife rainforest of Monte Alen National Park and Corisco, a remote island which has unspoilt white-sand beaches and inhabited by small communities that practise traditional cultures. Monte Alen National Park in particular is lauded as one of the best-kept secrets of Central Africa. Its vast, lush rainforest and Rio Muni wildlife is well-maintained and accessible to the public and allows overnight camping. You can hike on the trail and see chimpanzees, crocodiles, forest elephants, mountain gorillas, and other African animal species. Ureca’s beaches are the turtles’ egg-laying spot during the dry season, so if you happen to be visiting during this time, you might chance upon the turtles coming ashore.

How to get around within Equatorial Guinea

The country’s primary form of transportation is by Bush taxi, which links Malabo with Luba and Riaba, two of the other main towns in the island, and also connects Bata to Mongomo and Ebebiyin. You can hire or rent Bush taxi on an hourly or daily basis. A cheaper way to get around is via a ferry service that operates between Douala, Bata, and Malabo. The trip usually lasts around 12 hours, and you can choose among four passenger classes available at different rates. A common form of public transportation is by taking a minibus, which covers several areas, including the outskirts of Malabo and Bata. There are no passenger train services in Equatorial Guinea.

How to get there

The country is served by two paved airports: Malabo International Airport or Saint Isabel Airport (the largest airport in Equatorial Guinea) and Bata Airport (the second largest). Ecuato Guineana de Aviación, the country’s primary airline, operates domestic and international flights out of Malabo Airport. Other air carriers that fly to the airport are Iberia (from Madrid), JetAir (from Gatwick airport in London), Air France (from Paris), Swiss (from Zurich), and Lufthansa (Frankfurt). Malabo, which is located on an island, can also be accessed from Gabon via paved tarmac roads to and from Cameroon. However, you must note that the roads in the country are in poor state. So it’s highly recommended to drive a 4x4, especially during rainy season.  

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