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Kosovo is a territory located in south-eastern Europe. It is landlocked and bordered by Albania and Macedonia to the south, Montenegro to the west, and Serbia to the north and east. A former territory of Serbia, Kosovo declared independence in 2008. Most of the people in Kosovo speak Albanian and the dominant religion in the country is Islam. The climate in Kosovo is continental, which means it has very warm summers and cold winters. The capital city of Kosovo is Pristina. It contains a World Heritage Site called the Monastery of Gracanica in the south-eastern part of the city. Pristina has a lot of coffee shops that serve macchiato, which is a coffee drink with a small amount of milk.

What to see & do

Aside from ancient ruins and breath-taking mountains, Kosovo is home to four Orthodox Church complexes that are listed as World Heritage Sites. These are the Patriarchate of Pec, Our Lady of Ljevis, Visoki Decani Monastery, and the Gracanica Monastery.

The Patriarchate of Pec is located near Peja’s city centre. It was established during the 11th century and is considered as the “mother church of Serbian Orthodox”. It has many frescoes inside. These are mural paintings drawn on wet lime plasters. Another church famous for its unique architecture is the Visoki Decani Monastery. It was established during the 13th century also located near Peja. The Our Lady of Ljevis on the other hand is located in Prizren, which is the most historical city in Kosovo. It is a Serbian Orthodox Church built during the 14th century. Meanwhile, the Gracanica Monastery is situated in Pristina, the capital city of Kosovo. It was built under the reign of Serbian King Milutin.

In exploring Kosovo, tourists will see different kinds of beautiful flowers and other medieval churches in Velika Hoca. There is also a waterfall at the Drini River. It is located in Peja, near the Berdynaj village. It is best to visit the place during summer. Adventure-seeking tourists should try the Rugova Gorge, which is situated northwest of Peja. It has a canyon with steep walls as high as 300 metres. Shopaholics should not miss the Gjakova Old Bazaar. It is an old shopping dating to the 17th century.

How to get around within Kosovo

The best way to explore Kosovo is by taking buses. This mode of transportation is cheap, same with the trains. Trains are faster buses, offering services from Fushe Kosove to Leshak. It also traverses other Serbian areas, located near northern Kosovo. There are also two daily trains from the city’s capital, Pristina, to Peja or Pec. This is a good way in visiting the Orthodox Churches.

How to get there

Pristina International Airport is also known as Prishtina International Airport Adem Jashari. It is a public international airport located 15 kilometres southwest of Pristina. It is a major hub for Kosova Airlines and Adria Airways and handles an annual passenger count of more than 1.6 million. The airport took its name after Adem Jashari, one of the founders of Kosovo Liberation Army. It has 15 airlines that offer air travel to and from Frankfurt, Vienna, Oslo, Geneva, Copenhagen, and many others.

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