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Melilla is an autonomous city of Spain located on the north coast of Africa. It has an area of 12.3 square kilometres and shares a border with Morocco. It is located across the Alboran Sea from the Spanish provinces of Granada and Almeria. Melilla is said to be similar to its fellow Spanish exclave Ceuta, the only other of the two Spanish territories in mainland Africa, but also has its own unique aspects. The city is peppered with modernist buildings, many of which were designed by the architect Enrique Nieto. The widely spoken languages of the people in Melilla are Spanish, Tarifit, and French. Until the city’s Statute of Autonomy was passed on 14 March 1995, Melilla was regarded as part of the Málaga province.


What to see & do

Melilla la Vieja - Old Melilla, or Melilla la Vieja, is the large fortress standing immediately to the north of the port in Melilla. It was built during the 16th and 17th centuries, and contains several of the city's most significant historical sites. The fortress contains a military museum, an archaeological museum, the Church of the Conception, and a series of caves and tunnels used since Phoenician times. In the recent years, most of the structures in the site have been painstakingly restored. The museums house collections of historical and architectural drawings, several archaeological finds, and Phoenician and Roman ceramics and coins. 

Palacio de Asamblea – The Palacio de Asamblea is an operating town hall wherein some of the staff will willingly show tourists around upon request. The floor plan of the town hall depicts a ducal crown. The most significant places in the building are the Sala de Plenos, where the local congress conducts meetings, and the Salon Dorado, which displays a big painting depicting the arrival of the Spaniards in Melilla in 1497.

Statue Grande Libre – The Statue Grande Libre commemorates a significant day in history, 7 July 1936 to be exact, when Franco began the campaign against the government in Madrid.  


How to get around within Melilla

The city is completely surrounded by the sea and Moroccan territory. There are three roads connecting Melilla and Morocco. The local bus 2, marked Aforos, operates between Plaza de España and the Beni

Enzar border post. Clearance is required to go through border checkpoints. Car rentals are available, but only those who are aged 23 and above and has had a driver’s license for a year is allowed to rent a normal vehicle. In some cases, ‘special’ vehicles like minivans and luxury cars require a minimum age of 25 years. Renting a car in Melilla is advisable, as it allows for easy travel and the fuel prices in the city are lower than in mainland Spain.  Bus and taxi services are also available. 


How to get there

The main airport serving Melilla is Melilla Airport, located 4 kilometres southwest of the city centre, near the border with Morocco. The airport is served by Air Europa, Iberia, and Melilla Airlines. There are direct flights to the city from Madrid, Málaga, Almeriá, and Granada. Seasonal flights are also available between Melilla and Barcelona, Gran Canaria, Palma de Mallorca, Seville, and Valencia. 

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