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Warm climate verging on hot temperatures, rich agricultural fields, and full-bodied wines – those are the highlights of a countryside trip to the region of Murcia in the southern east coast of Spain. Travellers staying in the area will also find various historical sites which can intrigue those who love learning about the places they visit. Such a variety of sights makes Murcia a fun place to visit for many tourists, especially those who want to stay in the lesser-known areas of Spain.

What to see & do

It is certainly sunny in the region of Murcia, which can make tourists feel lethargic and more inclined to stay in the cities. The capital, also called Murcia, has enough sights and activities who want to stay within its vicinity. One will see here the Catedral de Murcia, a grand structure mainly designed in the Baroque style. Those seeing it for the first time will gasp at the intricate detail of the statues, columns, and the rest of the facade. When inside, travellers will find Gothic-style interiors. There is also a bell tower consisting of 25 bells, each with its own name such as the Bell of the Spells, the Bell of Prayer, the Conception, and more.

Those excited to see the museums will not be disappointed as the region has various museums ready to accept visitors. One of the best is the Museo Nacional de Arqueología Subacuática, which is rather unique due to the artefacts which were taken from its underwater hiding places. They took a lot of work for underwater archaeologists to dig them up and bring them back to the surface. Other than the fascinating objects lifted from their watery home are exhibits on the maritime history of Murcia. There are also audio-visual presentations about various topics.

From there, one can move on to the Museo del Teatro Romano. Visitors will be taken on a tour from the initial museum on Plaza del Ayuntamiento to the restored Roman theatre dating back to thousands of years before. The urban history of Cartagena is laid out here, as well as the Roman relics and statues, including other significant objects in the region's history.

Castles also abound in this part of Spain, but one of the most fascinating is La Fortaleza del Sol. Located on a high vantage point, this impressive place features dioramas and costumed actors to lend an authentic feel to the place. Tourists going here will not be disappointed due to the various sights available from the castle towers damaged from an earthquake, a synagogue, and other exhibits meant for children.

How to get around within Murcia

Travellers in the Murcia region will find buses which take passengers to various parts of the city. There are also intercity buses which tourists can ride to other destinations. Taxis, on the other hand, can be hard to come by. They can also get a bit pricey, which makes it important for travellers to take other modes of public transport.

How to get there

Travellers coming from different parts of the world can visit Murcia via San Javier Airport. Airlines serving here include easyJet, Iberia,, Jetairfly, Norwegian Air Shuttle, and Ryanair. This lack of other international flights requires other travellers to book connecting flights from Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport to get to the region and the surrounding areas.

Flights to Murcia (Region)

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