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The Rhone-Alpes region is one of the 27 regions of France, located in the eastern border section of the mainland towards the south. The region was named after the two landmarks in the area, the Rhone River and the Alps mountain range. Its capital, Lyon, is the second biggest metropolitan in the country next to the capital, Paris, and stands as the sixth largest economy among all the European regions. Inside the vicinity lie endless wonders that will completely captivate each and every visitor that will check on the region. Beautiful and lush green hills rolling to meet the Alps, technologically-advanced city centres, and the best cuisine are just some of the treasures that the city dare share with the world. Get to know the region up close and personal and visit the best of the best of what France has to offer.

Travelling this huge region would require tourists to check on the key cities first, but another conventional way of visiting the area is by checking on the activities - or even the industries - which may be enjoyed.

Architecture in Rhone-Alpes – Particularly in the key cities, architecture in the region may well compete with the other architecture found in Paris. Although the Queen of Landmarks in France will always be the Eiffel Tower, certain sites in Lyon present a rather opulent and majestic style inspired by lions where its name 'Lyon' came from. Street architecture, as well as the homes and other local establishments such as restaurants are generally inspired by France, splattered with little Swiss and Italian flavours.

Natural wonders in Rhone-Alpes – The region takes its name from one of the premier skiing sites of the world which is the Alps Mountain ranges, making it the largest skiing area in the world, and one of the best skiing destinations, especially in the areas of Sain-Gervais-les-Bains. Apart from the skiing, the region also boasts of eight natural parks particularly the highest point in Europe which is Mont Blanc, and Gorges de l'Ardeche, covering mountains, vineyards, flower fields, and even gentle valleys. Apart from this, the Rhone-Alpes also takes pride on its beautiful and pristine lakes, another tourist favourite.

Gastronomy in Rhone-Alpes – Belonging to a country of people with discerning palates bolsters the region's prowess in the culinary arena. Known as the capital of French gastronomy, the Rhone-Alpes is home to France's finest chefs. The good food is coupled with the best wines – the region being the home to two of France's best known wine-growing regions located near Lyon, namely the Beaujolais and the Cotes du Rhone.

How to get around within Rhone-Alpes

Cars are the main modes of transport in the region, given the fact that the mountain roads and the major highways here are paved and are developed, although prepare some toll fees as some motorways are paved roads. If not going around by car, the most convenient way to reach the ski sites are through charter flights, while going around the city centres will require cabs. Walking is an alternative if travelling short distances. Meanwhile, city-hopping would be possible through train rides.

How to get there

Conveniently, there are a handful of airports serving the region. Inside Rhone-Alpes lie the Bron International Airport and the Grenoble Isere International Airport, while the nearby airport of Cointrin International Airport is found in the country of Switzerland in the city of Geneva. 

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