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The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in South America is classified as one of the few mega-diverse countries in the world, with so much ecological, biological and geological diversity within its 900,000 square kilometres that one can experience all sorts of climates and scenery just travel-ling from region to region. With the Andes Mountains, tranquil little islands, savannahs, river del-tas, the humid Amazon rainforest and more, there’s no shortage of things to see and experience in this amazing country.

Venezuela is bordered by Colombia, Guyana and Brazil, and has a population of around 29 mil-lion. The country’s official language is Spanish - travellers are advised to pick up some basic words and phrases before visiting as English is not commonly spoken in the country (as of March 2015).

Getting around

When getting around a large country like Venezuela, the fastest and most efficient way is always by air - the country’s domestic airlines provide a constant and efficient network of routes through the sky to most major Venezuelan attractions like the Angel Falls and Amazonian region. Other-wise, long-distance buses are readily available and go to almost every inhabited district.

Driving is not recommended for tourists in Venezuela, as many key attractions are inaccessible by car and road signage is still rather poor (as of March 2015).

What to see and do

If you’re in Venezuela, don’t miss a visit to the world’s highest waterfall - the magnificent Angel Falls, more than 10 times the height of the Niagara Falls. Spewing water from a table-top moun-tain 900 metres in the sky, Angel Falls is Venezuela’s most iconic tourist destination. Frequently covered in fog generated from evaporation from its great spill of water (much of which evapo-rates before it even touches the ground) the Falls is shrouded in mystery and cloud. Not for the faint of heart, getting to the Angel Falls requires a rather difficult journey and trek through the mountainous area, but the view is definitely worth it at the end.

After the awe-inspiring Falls, Parque Nacional Morrocoy is the next must-see in Venezuela. A tropical daydream, this national park looks like it came straight a postcard with its golden sandy beaches, turquoise seawaters, swaying palm trees and coral reefs. Colourful fishes dart under-neath the surface of the clear blue waters, making it one of the best places in the world for snor-kelling and scuba diving as well.

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