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5 great reasons to visit Kuala Lumpur this year

From fabulous food and a rich cultural heritage to having easy access to many adventures in Southeast Asia, there are reasons aplenty to check out Kuala Lumpur! But for those who have been putting off their visit to the Garden City of Lights, here are Skyscanner's top reasons to make 2015 the year to visit Malaysia's capital city.

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1. KL is an international rising star

KL has been ranked as the #4 shopping city in the world according to CNN and #9 in tourist arrivals as measured by Euromonitor. It is also rapidly moving up the charts of travel destinations each year, rendering this city as one of the best places to visit in the world. KL is big enough to hold excellent tourism infrastructure, and yet is has remained pristine, as compared to crowded and touristy cities like Tokyo or Paris. And indeed, 2015 is the time to visit KL.

One of many reasons to visit KL this year

Batu Caves: one of hundreds of attractions putting KL on the map. Image copyright: Luke Ma / Flickr

2. 2015 is the year of festivals

Despite a rough start with the cancelled Festival of Lights, Malaysia’s 2015 Year of Festivals is firmed and centred on KL. The full line up of events are dazzling, with the city slated to host over a dozen spectacles between now and 2016. Some are annual events, with more funding and latitude, while others are specially scheduled for the season. Either way, visitors are bound to have a great time in KL!

The Kuala Lumpur Year of Festivals

Image copyright: Hadl Zaher / Flickr

3. The big names are coming to town

As KL takes its place as a true world city, entertainers who used to give her a miss are booking gigs in town. Already this year, we’ve seen Slash, Air Supply and Lenny Kravitz bring their famous faces to KL stages. In the next few months, bills featuring Russell Peters, Michael Buble and The Jacksons are just a few of the entertainment options coming our way.

Kuala Lumpur's Performing Arts Center will be busy this year

Image copyright: Slices of Light / Flickr

4. The food is better than ever

KL has always been a world-famous food city, but even this top draw has improved recently. KL’s eternally exciting international cuisine scene has become even more internationalier with top names in Japanese, Russian, Italian and Turkish food, among just some of the many fine dining and new tastes available.

New food at Turkish Cafe Istanbul

Ultimo. Image copyright: Lee Seng Chye / Flickr

5. Nu Sentral Mall turns shopping up to 11!

As mentioned, KL is ranked as CNN’s #4 shopping city in the world, partly because of its robust night market culture and open-air shopping areas. On the opposite end of the shopping spectrum, the RM 1.4 billion Nu Sentral mall is also sure to blow your minds! This enormous shopping destination has well over 100 stores and eateries, which offers the gamut from local tastes to international brands – in a glossy, hip and cool environment.

Nu Sentral Mall of Kuala Lumpur

Nu Sentral Mall is a modern shopping experience. Image copyright: Haris Abdul Rehman / Flickr

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Like we said, 2015 is the year to visit KL! What are you waiting for? Book your flights, hotels and car hire with Skyscanner for the best deals. Don’t forget to download our free mobile app to browse deals while on the move.