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Find cheap AirAsia promotion flight tickets 2019

AirAsia is considered to be one of the largest airlines in Malaysia based on the size of its fleet and on the number of destinations it offers. AirAsia operates flights to over 165 destinations across 20 countries worldwide including flights to Chiang Mai, Singapore, BaliHong Kong and Shanghai. Here are some of the best AirAsia flight ticket promotion to various top destinations.

PS. There are currently no AirAsia flight promotions at the moment. But that’s alright, we found you some cheap flights to some of the most popular destinations.

AirAsia cheap flight deals from Kuala Lumpur

Destinations Fares from* View fare
Seoul RM877 Fly AirAsia to ICN
Kota Kinabalu RM260 Fly AirAsia to BKI
Langkawi RM124 Fly AirAsia to LGK
Taipei RM770 Fly AirAsia to TPE
Bangkok RM295 Fly AirAsia to DMK
Melbourne RM1485 Fly AirAsia to AVV
Osaka RM1273 Fly AirAsia to KIX
Penang RM157 Fly AirAsia to PEN
Hong Kong RM762 Fly AirAsia to HKG
Ho Chi Minh City RM274 Fly AirAsia to SGN

AirAsia flight promotion deals to Kuala Lumpur

Departure from Fares from* View fare
Penang RM107 Fly AirAsia from PEN
Kota Kinabalu RM260 Fly AirAsia from BKI
Johor Bahru RM114 Fly AirAsia from JHB
Kota Bahru RM114 Fly AirAsia from KBR
Kuching RM180 Fly AirAsia from KCH
Singapore RM273 Fly AirAsia from SIN

How to find more AirAsia promotion & deals fare on Skyscanner

1. Download the Skyscanner app and log-in

Get started on your way to finding the best AirAsia promotions by downloading the SkyscanneOr app on iOS and Android. 

Download the app

Once you have the app downloaded, sign up for an account or log in if you already have a Skyscanner account (yay!). By logging in, you can create custom price alerts and get notified when ticket prices drop. Setting up an account on Skyscanner is safe, quick and hassle-free.

2. Filter your search for AirAsia flights

Simply use the airline filter function on the app to find AirAsia promotion cheapest flights. 

To do this, click the flight icon on the app, type in your travel route and the travel dates you want. You can then tap “Filter” as shown in the image above.

airasia promotion

Once you have tapped on “Filter”, go to “Airlines“, deselect all and then choose AirAsia.

3. Use the cheapest month view to find the cheapest dates

Get the most of any AirAsia promotion this 2018 by using the Calendar View on the app to quickly spot which dates are the cheapest. 

With the Calendar View, you get an overview of when the fares rise and fall within the month. Quickly spot the lowest flight price in the month and book that flight!


*Any prices shown on this page is accurate as of time of publish and is subject to availability and changes.