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Skyscanner Travel Deals: Find cheap flights to Japan

Visit Japan and enjoy all the best Japanese attractions today with confidence knowing that you've found the best deals for your budget with Skyscanner. Travel backwards in time as you wander the historical and traditional area of Kyoto, get lost and be in awe in exciting Tokyo and experience for yourself the difference it has with Osaka. Search and book with Skyscanner right now for your winter wonderland holiday to Sapporo or your tropical R&R in Okinawa as we work with more than 1,200 travel partners to bring you the best deals there are out there. Best of all, our service is entirely free!

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1. Tokyo

Tokyo is everything you imagine it to be and a bit more. Have a 360 panoramic view from the top of Skytree, immerse yourself in the fashionable crowd at Shibuya crossing, then knock yourself out with the world’s freshest sushi, simply the best meal you’ll ever have.

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Buildings of all shapes and sizes in Tokyo

You won’t get Tokyo until you’re in Tokyo.

2. Osaka

Osaka is Japan’s second city, with many similarities to the capitol but with many key differences as well. While the atmosphere and local flavour may be different, it is still exciting, with Dotonburi, Osaka Castle and Universal Studios to keep everyone in the family happy. With its slightly slower pace than Tokyo, and proximity to world heritage sites in Kyoto and Nara, your visit will reveal a world of difference.

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Osaka castle and its grounds

Osaka is different in its own way.

3. Okinawa

What rocks your boat? From traditional drum dances and eco tourism, to the famous Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, there is much to see and do on the many islands of Okinawa. Do you know what goya champur is?

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Boats on beautiful blue ocean water of Okinawa

There is much to experience in Okinawa. Photo credit: Cabin Floor Esoterica

4. Sapporo

Not just a stopover on your way to the ski slopes of Hokkaido, Sapporo has a lot to offer travellers. Surprisingly big and cosmopolitan, you can start your trip by snacking on Shiroi Koibito cookies, visit the Shiroi Koibito Park where you can observe the chocolate-making process and take part in workshops where you can make your own cookies. In addition to the snowboarding or skiing, you can’t pass up a trip to the local hot springs, while you’re there, check out their ice sculpting festival.

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A historical western-looking building in Sapporo

Sapporo will surprise you.

5. Kyoto

This world heritage site is a treasure trove of ancient art and culture. You’ll have a chance to snap a photo with a geisha in a full kimono suit, and dine on delicious Japanese fare fresh from the fields and the oceans. Kyoto is synonymous with ancient temples like Kinkakuji, which will serve as picture-perfect backdrops for all your selfies.

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Sakura blossoms in historical Kyogo

Kyoto is truly magical.

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Published in March 2017. Any prices are lowest estimated prices only at the time of publication and are subject to change and/or availability.