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How to find & get cheap flights on Skyscanner

If you’re tired of searching high and low but never getting the best flight deals, help is here. No matter where or when you want to travel, Skyscanner’s travel features can find the best travel deals.

Why search & book flights online on Skyscanner?

You no longer need to open hundreds of browser tabs just to compare flight prices on various airlines. As a travel search engine, you can depend on us to find the best air ticket prices across all our partners.

Compare flight prices from more than 1,200 travel providers including airlines like AirAsia, Malaysia Airlines, Malindo, and Firefly, as well as trusted online travel agents like Expedia, Mayflower and all in one place. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to get cheap domestic and international flights on Skyscanner.

Pro tip: Buying direct from airlines doesn’t always give you the best price. Sometimes, travel providers are offering a sale on the same ticket. By using Skyscanner, you will always find the best deals. Find the answers to the frequently-asked questions about bookings on Skyscanner here.

Best part? Skyscanner is free!

How to find & get cheap flights on Skyscanner?


Get onto the Skyscanner website or download the Skyscanner iOS or Andriod app. You’ll see the search bar. Just fill in the details required and click the ‘Search Flights’ button.


You’ll see a list of available flights on the date you’ve selected.
Use the ‘Filter’ button to customise your preferred departure and arrival time, number of layovers, preferred airlines and more.


You can also use the ‘Sort’ button at the top right-hand corner to further narrow down the flight options according to various features like best deals, the lowest price per adult, total journey time, etc.


Once you have decided on your flight option, click ‘Select’. You’ll get a list of all the travel providers and their prices for your chosen flight. Simply click the ‘Select’ or ‘Book’ button next to the provider you want to book with and you will be brought to their booking page.

What’s the difference between ‘Select’ and ‘Book’?

‘Select’ takes you to our partner’s website where you book your flight directly with them. Skyscanner acts only as the search engine here.

‘Book’ is when Skyscanner books the tickets for you. It’ll come with additional care such as immediate rebooking of your ticket should the original flight get cancelled last-minute.

What do the stars mean?

To help you make a decision, look at the Partner Quality Score (PQS). The number of stars shows the average rating of the provider given by travellers who have made a booking through them on Skyscanner. The number next to the stars show the total ratings received and indicates trustworthiness and reliability.

Already familiar with Skyscanner? Here are some additional features to help you find cheap flights

For the savvy travel enthusiasts, we also offer advanced features to help find and book cheap flights quickly and effectively.

If you just want the cheapest flights and you’re not picky, try searching ‘Everywhere’.

Sometimes, you just want to go on a holiday and you’re open to anything. Why not try searching ‘Everywhere’.

On the ‘To’ section where you enter your destination, click and you’ll see the ‘Everywhere’ search option. Select that, enter your travel dates and click ‘Search’.

You’ll be given a list of the cheapest destinations with their starting prices. Select where you’d like to visit and filter it further until you find a deal you’re happy with.

Find the cheapest month to fly

If you know where to go but don’t know when, try using the ‘Cheapest Month’ search function. At the main search bar, click on the departure date field and then select the ‘Whole Month’ tab. You will then see the ‘Cheapest Month’ button. Use this function to get a calendar view that will indicate the cheapest month to travel to your destination.

Pro-tip to find even cheaper flight tickets: Select departure and return dates with green-coloured prices in the calendar view as these are travel dates with an estimated cheaper flight ticket.

For the ultimate travel inspiration, find your next destination using Skyscanner’s Map View

Get your next trip inspiration from the world. Using your laptop, go to Skyscanner’s web page and scroll to ‘Explore our map’. It’s an excellent way to get an overview of cheap flight deals anywhere on the globe, starting with the regions nearest to home. Drag the map to explore. Green dots show the best flight deals available for your preferred date.

Travelling to a few places at once? Use Multi-city search

You can also find and get cheap flights on Skyscanner if you are going to several places as part of your travel plans. Simply pick ‘Multi-city’ when searching in the main bar. You can now find flights for up to 6 destinations of your choice, from one to another in succession.

This is a really helpful tool for taking the stress out of finding the best prices for every leg of your trip.

Not sure if the flight price you found is cheap? Sign up for price alerts and get updates when prices change

If you feel anxious about flight prices getting cheaper after you’ve booked your flight, there is another option. Click on the little bell icon for price alert notifications. You’ll receive immediate email notifications when flight prices change. If you’re the kiasu type, download the Skyscanner app to search and set up price alerts so you’ll get updates even on-the-go.

For those who want to learn the secrets behind flight ticket pricing, you can also read our insider insights on the science behind flight prices.

Save more when you book hotels on Skyscanner

Here’s where the pros do it best.

If you are interested in saving more (who isn’t?), search and book hotels on Skyscanner. Take advantage of the current ‘Fly Stay Save’ promotion to unlock exclusive discounts on hotels at your destination after booking your flights on Skyscanner.

Are you excited for your next adventure? Have a lovely trip and look out for more Skyscanner tips to help you get the most out of your travels.