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news A guide on how to use the Skyscanner app for your travel bookings

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A guide on how to use the Skyscanner app for your travel bookings

There’s always a reason to travel. Maybe you want to recharge your spirits, broaden your horizons or just take a break from everything. Sadly not all of us have tons of dough to zip around whenever and wherever we want.

The good news is, it’s still possible to travel within your budget and the Skyscanner mobile app is here to make it happen. Just follow these tips:

How you can find cheap air tickets on Skyscanner

1. Know exactly where and when you want to fly? Use the main search panel on Skyscanner

Once you enter the app, you’ll be greeted by several options. To find cheap flights on Skyscanner app, simply tap on the Flights icon to begin. Fill up all the necessary details like departure city, destination and travel dates, and then tap the “done” button to search.

You’ll then get a list of all the flights available, in order of the most affordable ones first. The prices shown are the best prices available from our thousands of travel partners which include airlines like Jetstar and Singapore Airlines, and also online travel agents like Expedia and

If you want to visit several destinations, try using the multi-city search. You can book all the flights you need for your trip at one go! Super easy.

2. Not sure when to travel? Find the cheaper dates to fly with the help of our colour-coded calendar.

If you have some flexibility in terms of travel dates, use our colour-coded calendar to help you choose when to fly.

Green dots are the most affordable, followed by yellow dots for moderately-priced dates. The dates with the most expensive tickets are indicated in red, so you know that you should avoid these days if possible.

3. Explore and use the ‘Everywhere Search’ feature to find travel inspiration & cheap flights at the same time.

The Skyscanner app is perfect if you have a few days or weeks off, and don’t know where to go. Just look out for the ‘Explore’ option at the bottom of the app. Once you’ve clicked that, choose ‘Explore Everywhere’.

You’ll be brought to a search bar, where you can choose your preferred travel date or just leave it at ‘anytime’. You’ll be shown the most affordable destinations to fly to for your preferred travel period, or for all time.

These destinations will be listed according to country, with the lowest prices listed so you can pick which country to go to. Once you select a country, a list of all the possible destinations and their lowest flight prices will be listed.

No more spending hours comparing destinations on an individual basis. Now, you’ll be able to see all the destinations available to you in a matter of minutes. It’s even better that each destination has a detailed description, and reviews to help you make better choices.

4. If you’re not ready book, ‘Watch this flight’ and easily access the flight easily on your app homepage.

Just imagine, if you’re looking at more than one flight or trying to sort out your itinerary. It’s difficult to have more than one tab open on your phone as you’re worried you may lose a flight you’re interested in.

Fret not, just quickly scroll down on any flight details and you’ll see a star. Click to highlight the star, and you can retrieve this bookmarked flight later on. You can also see this star at the top of the flight details page.

You can retrieve all your bookmarked flights at the welcome page whenever you open the app. Just scroll down and you’ll see it, together with all your recent searches and price alerts that you subscribed to.

5. Sign up for an account to make travel booking even easier.

Signing up for an account gives you all sorts of benefits on the app. Signing up takes less than two minutes, and the account allows us to keep track of your bookmarked flights, recent searches, filters and gives you price alerts.

You don’t have to spend that extra effort and time to fill in your details every time you make a flight, hotel or car rental booking. Just go to the profile section of the app ( look out for it at the bottom bar).

Once there, you can choose ‘Manage account’. Go to ‘add a traveller’ and fill in your details, including your passport details. These private details, especially your passport data, will be secured with a password or fingerprint.

The next time you book a flight, you’ll see a wallet icon appear. All you need to do is click on that icon, and you can just copy and paste your details without needing to fill them in every time. This neat little trick works well when you need to claim frequent flier miles too.

Did you know that booking your flights on Skyscanner allows you to earn frequent flier miles on various airlines? Find out more about refunds, changes, cancellations and other FAQs when making bookings on Skyscanner, and do check the official airline websites for policies and details.

6. Set up price alerts to get notifications when prices drop.

If you don’t want to book yet, but have a destination in mind, you can subscribe for price alerts. These price alerts will pop up whenever flight prices change. When the flight price drops, that’s your queue to start booking and buying those tickets pronto!

Subscribing to these alerts are super easy. Just go to the main search bar for flights, and then lookout for the bell icon on the top right. Once you click on that, you’ll be asked for confirmation of your subscription. Just click ‘create’ and you’ll be on your way to instant alerts on cheaper flight rates.

Other Skyscanner app features for easy booking & travel experience

7. Easily find and compare hotels with Fly Stay Save

Skyscanner is your all-in-one travel planner. In addition to booking your flight, you can use the app to book your hotels and rental cars too.. The hotel bookings can be made right at the main page, and there’s our  Fly Stay Save feature that gives you discounts on hotels when you book flights with us.

The car rental search function can work simultaneously with your flight and hotel bookings too. You’ll be able to book cars from trusted names like Avis and Sixt, with specific pick up and drop of times.

8. …and book car rentals too.

9. Get real time updates on your flight status on the Skyscanner app.

Every time you book a flight, hotel or car rental, it will be added to your itinerary on ‘Trips’ which you can see at the bottom bar. Clicking on ‘Trips’ will give you full details of your travels, and can serve as a reminder or a sort of diary of your travels.

If there are any real-time changes to your bookings, such as flight cancellations, flight delay and departure gate changes, the app will be updated with these details immediately and you’ll know about it too.

Now that you know how we can help you, don’t forget to download the Skyscanner app, available for both Android and iPhone.