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10 cool destinations to escape Malaysia’s heat

With the unrelenting heat wave driving temperatures, tempers, frustrations and sweat-production-rates upwards, it's high time for an escape to someplace blessedly cool. Check out Skyscanner’s top 10 cool destinations perfect for just that - we guarantee it’ll do you good to let off some pent-up steam!

1. Barcelona, Spain

Few cities in the world can boast that they’ve some of the best beaches, shopping destinations, sports teams, and dining options in the world all at once – but that is a feat that Barcelona, capital of Spain, manages to pull off. One of the planet’s top favourite holiday destinations, there’s literally something for everyone in this beautiful city from the foodies, sports fans, art-lovers, sun-worshippers to shopaholics.

The best part? From April to June, the average daily temperature is a delectable 16°C. Yes, it’s time to book your flight now!

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Barcelona's colourful cityscape.

Barcelona is blessedly cool and beautiful in this period. Photo Credit: Getty Images

2. Sapa Valley, Vietnam

You don’t always have to fly far from home to find greener grasses and cooler airs – did you know that just around the corner in Vietnam is a little slice of undiscovered paradise?

The tranquil mountainous district of Sapa looks like it came straight out of a postcard with its pretty terraced hills, rice fields, misty fog, green mountains, bamboo forests and – best of all – a temperature average of about 20°C from April to June. Give your mind and soul a break from the nonstop hustle and bustle of city-living in this idyllic region, and your lungs a welcome gush of fresh cool mountain air.

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The misty green terraces of Sapa Valley.

Surreal, misty and cool, Sapa Valley is the perfect escape from Malaysia’s heat. Photo Credit: Getty Images

3. Tokyo, Japan

We don’t need to describe what’s in charming Tokyo; we’re sure you know of its bountiful attractions and mouthwatering foods! There’s always something to do and see in the capital of Japan and it’s a great city to visit all year round, but the months of April to June are an especially good time.

Why so, you ask? Not only do you get to enjoy a delightful temperature of 14-21°C, you’re also going to avoid the inflated prices that inevitably accompany the peak sakura season from March to early April, whoopee!

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The bright lights of Tokyo city.

Visiting Tokyo in the months of April to June guarantees good weather and thinner crowds. Photo Credit: Getty Images

4. Istanbul, Turkey

Another city of great historical value to the world, Istanbul is chock-full of ancient architectural sites of spectacular beauty and size. From world-famous religious buildings like the grand dame Hagia Sophia (at one point the largest church in the world) and the Blue Mosque to the decadent bathhouse known as the Ayasofya Hürrem Sultan Hamami (once accessible only by royalty), Istanbul is ready to dazzle your mind with its tales of ancient extravagance.

Accompanying the visual delight of the city is the lovely weather; bring a light jacket with you as temperatures range from 12-20°C from April to June, making you feel like you’re perpetually immersed in fresh air-conditioning.

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Istanbul's iconic cityscape.

Istanbul’s weather is a perfect 12-20°C from April to June. Photo Credit: Getty Images

5. Santorini, Greece

An incredibly gorgeous city with a good 4,000 years of history, Santorini – also known as Thera, or Thira – is well-known as one of the most stunning destinations in the world. Home to an amazing volcanic caldera of a deep, mystical blue as well as plenty of spectacular architecture, pretty coloured beaches and fresh seafood a-plenty, there’s no shortage of wonders for you to discover on the island.

And if you needed an additional incentive, the weather there is fantastic in the months of April and May – expect a deliciously cool 17-23°C, with plenty of breezy winds and sunlight that feels warm rather than stifling.

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The caldera view from Santorini's Oia.

Cool, tranquil and ethereally beautiful, what’s not to love about Santorini in spring? Photo Credit: Getty Images

6. San Francisco, USA

Have the time to fly to a magical city far, far away? Then San Francisco is calling your name.

Discover the United States’ pretty hilly city, with its giant gleaming bridge, Victorian architecture, cute little trams, lush greenery and unique topography. Be prepared with a light jacket for a nice cool climate of 10-17°C from April to June as you enjoy Fisherman’s Wharf’s offerings and ride the San Francisco Cable Car.

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The Victorian houses of San Francisco.

One of the USA’s prettiest cities, San Francisco is also wonderfully cool in spring. Photo Credit: Getty Images

7. Zürich, Switzerland

Have you heard about the ‘Singapore of Europe’ yet?

Zürich, the largest city in Switzerland, is just that – known for its cleanliness, efficiency and strong economy, the city is much like Malaysia’s next-door neighbour but with much cooler weather. If a temperature averaging 14°C sounds lovely to you, then grab a flight there from the months of April to July to luxuriate in the cool air.

It’s not all skyscrapers and shops there, though – Zürich sits right next to a clear blue lake and rolling green hills, so you can make use of this opportunity to get in touch with some nature as well.

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The city of Zürich.

Gorgeous Zurich boasts an excellent temperature averaging about 14°C from April to June. Photo Credit: Getty Images

8. Venice, Italy

Like Tokyo, there’s absolutely no need to wax lyrical about the wonders of Venice. Escape from the awful heat at home and get transported to another time in a gondola, drifting dreamily down a canal (usually accompanied by a singing gondolier).

Make all your friends back home jealous with photos of yourself at the many pretty arches and gorgeous old buildings of this floating city, and make sure to let them know that the weather is a fantastic 17°C too.

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A gondola floating in one of Venice's canals.

Be seduced by the charm of the world-famous canals of Venice, as well as the deliciously cool air. Photo Credit: Getty Images

9. Beijing, China

There’s no place quite like Beijing, capital of China, when it comes to fusion between tradition and modernity. This is where you can witness extravagant ancient palaces and squares juxtaposed against the spanking new malls and skyscrapers that accompanied the country’s unparalleled economic growth in the last decade.

Walk through the mystical Forbidden City, an imperial palace constructed in the 1400s, and trek the Great Wall of China – you’d find it easy to stay out in the open with the breezy average daily temperature of 20°C.

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The Great Wall of China.

Take this opportunity to escape to Beijing for cool air and the Great Wall of China. Photo Credit: Getty Images

10. Lhasa, Tibet

Another great destination not too far from home, Tibet’s capital city Lhasa is cool in both the metaphoric and literal sense of the word. Located more than 3,000 meters above sea level, the city boasts lavishly decorated temples and historic palaces as well as gorgeous mountain scenery.

Head there from April to June to enjoy the region’s best season – expect blooming flowers, lush green trees, 8 hours of sunshine every day and, best of all, an average daily temperature of 20°C.

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Buddhist statues at Lhasa, Tibet.

Luxuriate in the fresh cool high-altitude air of Lhasa whilst admiring its timeless beauty. Photo Credit: Getty Images

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Originally published on 26 April 2016 and updated in June 2017. Any prices are lowest estimated prices only at the time of publication and are subject to change and/or availability.

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