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Korea travel flight deals for 2019

Cheap flights from KL to Seoul

Month Average Price Browse Prices
January RM1,123 Fly to Seoul
February RM1,112 Fly to Seoul
March RM1,059 Fly to Seoul
April RM1,069 Fly to Seoul

Cheap flights from KL to Jeju 

Month Average Price Browse Prices
January RM846 Fly to Jeju
February RM888 Fly to Jeju
March RM713 Fly to Jeju
April RM702 Fly to Jeju

Cheap flights from KL to Busan

Month Average Price Browse Prices
January RM1,091 Fly to Busan
February RM1,357 Fly to Busan
March RM1,000 Fly to Busan
April RM787 Fly to Busan

Seoul to Jeju flights

Month Average Price Browse Prices
January RM320 Seoul to Jeju
February RM319 Seoul to Jeju
March RM347 Seoul to Jeju
April RM353 Seoul to Jeju

Seoul to Busan flights

Month Average Price Browse Prices
January RM481 Seoul to Busan
February RM466 Seoul to Busan
March RM395 Seoul to Busan
April RM478 Seoul to Busan

Where to go in Korea: Seoul, Busan & Jeju

Korea is currently one of the hottest travel destinations in the world. Visitors pour in by the droves to savour fried chicken, hunt down gorgeous TV stars or be dazzled by the latest in cosmetics and fashion. This is a country that mixes the ancient and modern seamlessly, and boasts year-round festivals, rural countryside, gorgeous gardens and endless beaches – so go ahead and hunt down Korea flight deals for that holiday of a lifetime!

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The capital of Korea, Seoul wows visitors with the lively markets in Namdaemun, teahouses in Bukchon, and cutting-edge art galleries in Samcheong-dong. Take a walk along the stunning Cheonggyecheon Stream after dark, tour the beautiful Gyeongbokgung Palace, and soothe away all your aches with a massage and sauna at a jjimjilbang (Korean bathhouse) for an unforgettable break in one of Asia’s most dynamic cities.


Celebrated for its fresh seafood and hot springs, Busan is a port city that packs a big punch with its rugged mountainous cityscape, windswept beaches and hip café culture. Explore the colourful Gamcheon Village, get lost in the incredible Jagalchi Fish Market, and take a ride on Geumgang Park Cable Car for the best city views. Time your visit to coincide with the Busan International Film Festival to catch sight of the biggest Korean celebs and watch acclaimed movies from around the world.


This honeymooner’s delight is more than the backdrop for perfect wedding shots – though Jeju’s beaches and scenic countryside do love the lens! Instead of romantic, you can also think active. Climb Hallasan, Korea’s highest mountain, for an amazing sunrise or hire a bike to explore the island’s charming backcountry roads. For a fun family outing, attempt to complete the Gimnyeong Maze in under five minutes; only 5% of visitors manage this!

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5. Find cheap hotels & car rental in Korea

On the Skyscanner app, tap on Car Hire. Next, enter your destination, dates, and your preferred pickup time. If you want to pick up the rental car from the airport, just type in the airport name and you’ll only see car rentals available from the airport.

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