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Spotlight on Tioman Island: Diver’s Paradise

Tioman Island isn't just one of the best places to dive in Malaysia. It also has a worldwide reputation of being a diver's paradise – with its low prices, remote location as well as its extraordinarily diverse land and sea wildlife. Here is Skyscanner's list of everything you need to know when planning your trip to Pulau Tioman.

Where to stay

Tioman Island is ringed with beach resorts ranging from luxurious accommodations to cosy cabins where you can stargaze at night while lying in your bed. As a general rule, the farther you get from the commercial hub at Tekek, the more rustic and inexpensive your accommodations become. Be sure to make your accommodation choices based on your budget and preferences, since beautiful diving areas are easily found anywhere on the island!

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How to get there

The most common route to Tioman is via a ferry from Mersing, which will drop you off at any one of the island’s villages. Just inform the staff on where you’re staying and they’ll help you with the rest. In addition, you can hire a small speedboat for the trip or take a flight to the airport at Tekek. While arriving on the peacefully beautiful island, your transportation options are either by a private boat hire or by foot.

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Best sites

The myriad of dive shops on Tioman will be sure to captivate your interest, regardless of your diving skills. They offer almost everything, ranging from open water certification courses to guided dives for experienced divers. Each dive guide has his own favourite diving spot, but here are a few of the popular diving areas you absolutely cannot miss:

  • The Soyak Wrecks – 8 wrecked ships stocked with inquisitive fish waiting for exploration
  • Tiger Reef – one of the most impressive reefs in the area with thousands of species of plant and animal life
  • Fan Canyon – a canyon between a collection of enormous rocks covered with fan coral
  • Sepoi Island – a secluded beach where you can take a fascinating drift dive over volcanic boulders
  • Salang Jetty – a pair of low-depth reefs close to shore, making it the perfect spot to test new diving skills or brush up on old ones.

Things to know

Because of its popularity, Tioman Island is one of the best documented dive destinations in the world. With that being said, here are a few professional tips from the locals to enrich your experience at Tioman:

  • October is the best time to visit Tioman. It has the greatest visibility as October falls after the major tourist seasons.
  • Be ready for eating. Food here is a simple fare, but always fresh and delicious!
  • Always have cash on hand. Very few places accept credits cards and the only ATM available is situated in Tekak.
  • Bring money for your daily necessities (and alcohol). Because of its low taxes on Tioman, you’ll find the best prices here.

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