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news tips Fun car games to play with the kids when stuck in traffic jams

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Fun car games to play with the kids when stuck in traffic jams

Getting ready to tackle that long drive home this Chinese New Year, but not looking forward to hours stuck in the car with your children getting restless as the Lunar New Year traffic jams drag on? Skyscanner to the rescue – we give you 5 time-killing car games to occupy yourself and your kids with so you don’t have to bottle your frustration at that 500th cry of ‘are we there yet?’

1. 20 Questions

An easy alternative to ‘I Spy’ (in case there’s nothing to spy in a traffic jam); one family member thinks of an object/animal, and the others will ask yes/no questions to determine out what it is. Every question is accompanied by a guess – for example, someone might ask ‘does it have 4 legs?’ and if the answer is ‘yes’, the questioner is then given a chance to hazard a guess: ‘is it a cat?’. Points to whoever guesses the mystery object first!

2. Name That Song

Pick a music category (e.g. Disney music, Britney Spear’s songs, etc) and have 1 player hum a tune of a song within that category. The rest of the players must then try to guess the name of that song. For the not-too-musically-inclined, eliminate the need to hum by having each family member take it in turns to play a small section of music from their iPod or smart phone for the rest of the family to guess the title of.

Need an even simpler version? Just guess the names of songs on the radio!

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3. Count The…

Keeping the children quiet and absorbed in the scenery couldn’t be easier than this. Choose an object you’ll drive by relatively often on the highways for them to count – this could be anything from cows and red cars to satay stalls. Make sure that each child counts out loud and points the object out to the others to prevent cries of foul play after. Whoever spots the most number of the designated object is rewarded with a treat at the next petrol station or rest stop.

4. The Memory Game

An excellent way to stretch your little ones’ IQ in the car even as you keep them entertained, the Memory Game is beautiful in its simplicity and effectiveness (you can even join in for a bit of fun). Start the game with a broad category, for example, countries of the world, and then begin with the first letter of the alphabet, for example, A is for America. The next player must then repeat your statement and continue with a country that starts with the following letter, for example, A is for America and B is for Bolivia. This goes on till Z and starts again with A, until someone forgets the sequence or can’t come up with an appropriate add-on.

A family on a road trip.

5. Story Telling

This is a funny one that can last for hours throughout the drive if played right – come up with a hilarious new fairytale with the help of your little ones’ untamed imaginations. Get started with a simple intro (for example, "I once had a bright green chicken") and pass the story-telling baton on to each child in turn after. Each player should add on to the story with one sentence; don’t be surprised if the whole car erupts into uncontrollable laughter not long after!

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