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Top 10 smart gadgets to bring on your travels

Once upon a time, all you needed to bring on your travels was a map and a small pocket knife. But in these modern days, travel is no longer the same. With a tempting selection of gadgets that adds so much convenience, speed, and ease to our lives, who can resist? Whether for flying with kids or for your own entertainment purposes, here are Skyscanner’s 10 favourite gadgets to take along on any holiday for an added boost of travel comfort and style.

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1. A Kindle

Books are great for long journeys on a plane, train, or car, but they can be a real drag to carry around. If you agree, then the Kindle – Amazon’s best-selling e-reader – is just the answer. With incredible battery life and storage space, one of the newest in this line of lightweight e-readers is aptly named as something good to have with you always, no matter how long the Voyage.

Price: starts from RM355 Get it from: Lazada, from Amazon, and other selected online stores

2. Spot Gen 3

Sometimes, we all just need to get away and off-the-grid. But even the most adventurous explorer would be wise to carry a GPS device for safety. The Spot Gen 3 will keep you connected in rural places even if your phone does not receive cell reception. Using GPS technology, you will still be able (even in the most remote of places) to send message updates to saved contacts, or an SOS if you’re in danger. Subscription fees apply.

Price: Devices from RM662; monthly and yearly plans available starting from RM22 and RM220 respectively Get it from: The Official SPOT store and at their participating retailer in Malaysia

3. tracTAG

Losing valuable items is always a worry (and a pain) when travelling, no matter how seasoned the traveller. But thankfully, tracTAG is here to allay some of those fears! Stick the tracTAG on to your luggage, cameras, and electronics to track them.

If you find an item with a tracTAG, use your smartphone to scan the QR code, or enter the unique ID on the sticker online at The owner will get an alert and receive an email arranging a delivery of pick-up to get their stuff back.

The online account also allows owners to update their profile and information, and also has a record of the items registered and tagged to their profile. If something goes missing, the owner can update their status with details on the item, and even offer a reward for its return.

Price: starts from RM56 Get it from: tracTAG

4. Bose noise cancelling headphones

Every veteran traveller should consider investing in a pair of good, noise-cancelling headphones. Having a pair of these allows you to find pockets of serenity on crowded planes, trains, or buses packed with crying babies and busy traffic outside. Bose is well-known for making high-end headphones, but for those on a budget, TDK and Audio-Technica also have great options at lower price points.

Price: starts from RM1,343 Get it from: Lazada and all good audio stores

Bose noise cancelling headphones product shot

Block out all noise and travel in peace with these portable noise-cancelling headphones by Bose. Image credit: Amazon

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5. NETGEAR Trek N300 Travel Router

For digital nomads (or just anyone who needs to stay connected), the Travel Trek Router by NETGEAR is a lifesaver. This handy device can help you save on expensive hotel WiFi subscriptions by allowing you to split a single internet login pass with many devices! It even comes with added firewall protection to keep your devices secure when using public WiFi hotspots. And that’s not all – the router also boosts weak WiFi signals by flipping-out a powerful antenna, as well as charges your mobile devices on the go. Now, who could ask for more?

Price: RM168 Get it from: Amazon or other selected online stores

6. Bialetti: portable coffee makers

Are you a caffeine nut who needs that morning jolt of coffee to kickstart the day? This is a tip for parents and other coffee enthusiast – the Bialetti is something you’ll want to keep close to you at all times. All you need is a stove, coffee grounds, and the portable Bialetti coffee maker for a wonderful brew. No stove? No problem. There’s an electric version too that can get you a delicious cuppa in no time and with no fuss at all.

Price: starts from RM199 Get it from: Lazada and other selected online and retail stores

The timeless design of the Bialetti coffee maker will last you many cups to come. Image credit: Alexander Kolosov / Flickr

7. UE Boom 2 portable speakers

For those of you who bring the party with you wherever you go, these portable speakers from Ultimate Ears is a must-have. Its 360-degree speakers are good for pumping out deep bass beats for all to hear, and its compact size lets you blast your tunes anywhere. Taking the party outdoors? No problem. These speakers are waterproof, drop-proof, and weather-proof. And with the cool range of colours to choose from, you’re sure to make more than a statement.

Price: starts from RM599 Get it from: Lazada or other selected online stores

8. LDNIO 6 Port USB Adapter Charger

If you’re reading this, you probably own and travel with quite a number of electronic devices already. So you’d be familiar with the never-ending quest to find electrical sockets to charge up when on the go. Well, your quest ends here with this portable 6-port USB hub that allows you to charge all your devices at once. It even comes with interchangeable plugs so you can use it anywhere in the world.

Price: RM38 Get it from: Lazada and other selected online stores

9. Belkin 5 way headphones splitter

Travelling with friends? The headphone jack splitter by Belkin is the perfect thing to have if you want to share your device audio with up to 5 people at once! Whether you’re using a tablet, laptop, phone, DVD player, or iPod, the Belkin will help you and your travel companions, and families share funny cat videos, whenever and wherever.

Price: RM58 Get it from: Amazon and other selected online stores

10. Mophie Spacepack

Unlike most other iPhone booster cases, the Mophie Space Pack not only adds battery life to your phone, it also provides up to 128GB of extra memory space! Its slim size and powerful upgrades make this a perfect accessory for anyone owning an iPhone of any generation. There’s even a free app that helps you organise your files as you travel.

Price: starts from RM441 Get it from: Mophie and other selected online stores

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Originally published on 4 May 2015 and updated in April 2017. Any prices are lowest estimated prices only at the time of publication and are subject to change and/or availability.

Adapted from an article originally written by Marc Llewellyn for Skyscanner.