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Bahrain is a relatively small archipelago collectively known as the Kingdom of Bahrain, with the mainland Bahrain Island under the said system. The island country is flanked by Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and is situated in the pocket of both countries in the Western shores of the Persian Gulf. The name Bahrain means “two seas,” pertaining to the two types of water (fresh and salt water) both found in the country.

Bahrain is described as an oasis of social liberalism among the Muslim countries of the region, since Bahraini people acknowledges the importance of the Islamic tradition while making it a point to be a Westerner-friendly destination. The country has been ruled for years by the Al Khalifa royal family, with Ahmed al Fateh as Bahrain's first Hakim.

While the country is heavily invested on its petroleum resources, the relaxed culture of the Bahrainis has made the country a more social and shopping mecca, not to mention a haven for homosexuals since it is legal here, considering that it is an Arab country. Another vantage that visitors may find in Bahrain is that alcohol is also legal, unlike the other surrounding countries.

As mentioned, shopping is one of the primary activities to do in Bahrain. It is such a great pleasure to shop in the country that the popular quote, “shop until you drop,” is being used to describe the many modern malls in the country. Visit the Moda Mall Bahrain, Al Ali Shopping Complex, Bahrain City Centre, Seef Mall, and Sitra Mall to satisfy your shopping cravings. You may also find unique goods like traditional clothing and intricate shoes, jewellery, and others in the country to bring to your loved ones when you get home.

Another activity quite popular to visitors is checking out the Islamic tradition in the country. While liberal, 70% of the Bahrainis are very devout Muslims, making way to beautiful and elaborate Mosques to be erected in the cities. The Khamis Mosque, the Al Fateh Grand Mosque, and the Imam Al Sadiq Mosque are some of the main mosques in Bahrain. They are also very spectacular to view at night, especially when their facades are lighted with decadent tungsten.

Island hopping is recommended for tourists who wish to stay for a while and just savour the Bahraini hospitality. A striking mix of modernity as seen in the hotels and beach fronts coupled with the richness of the culture and history of Bahrain, has catapulted the nation into an exotic island getaway perfect for those who just want to lay lazily and get a tan, or sip some freshly made Cosmopolitan by the beach. Visit the islands of Al Dar, Jaradah, and Hawar, and go on a holiday.

How to get around within Bahrain

The primary modes of transportation in Bahrain are metered taxis and car rentals. It is highly suggested that visitors rent cars if they are staying for more than three days, since it will be more convenient as opposed to calling cabs every time that one will go out. The four main islands of Bahrain along with all the towns and the villages are linked by well-constructed roads, making driving around easy.

How to get there

To get to Bahrain,the main gateway is the Bahrain International Airport, an international airport located in the island of Muharraq. The airport serves as a hub for the country's national carrier, Gulf Air. Airlines from around the world that flies to Bahrain International Airport include: Air Arabia, Air India, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, KLM, Lufthansa, and United Airlines.  

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