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The Gambia, a country bordered on three sides by Senegal, is more than it looks. It may be a narrow, long piece of land, but it has various attractions in store for tourists visiting its shores. Beaches are abundant here, where visitors can laze on the sand and spend the day enjoying the waters. There is more to Gambia than its resorts, however, as there are several wildlife parks in the inland areas.

One quality that tourists will notice in Gambia is its peaceful way of life, which is notably long compared to its more unstable neighbours. This makes it more enjoyable to visit, as one will be more likely to relax in such surroundings. From here, day tours, boating trips, and a bunch of other fun activities can be arranged for a fun trip across the countryside.

What to see & do

When in Gambia, tourists can visit various natural landmarks. One of the places to see is the Abuko Nature Reserve with its variety of vegetation and wildlife. More than 200 species have been recorded here, making it one of the region's best birdwatching spots. A diverse wildlife can be seen here, from Nile crocodiles and several reptiles such as pythons, puff adders, and cobras. Three monkey types can also be seen here, as well as duikers, porcupines, and ground squirrels.

From here, tourists can venture to the Kachikally Crocodile Pool, one of the most popular attractions for tourists. Being a sacred site, though, local women frequently go here to pray and ease their difficulties in begetting a child. The pool and adjacent nature trail here is a fine area to explore, but the main highlight is the 78 fully grown and smaller Nile crocodiles in the area. Those going around can also check out musical instruments and other cultural artefacts in the premises.

The Bijilo Forest Park, a small reserve and community forest, makes a lovely place to escape. Those who love nature will find it a delightful area, as there are a series of well-maintained trails passing through lush vegetation, a gallery forest, low bush and grass, and other fine features. Several species can also be seen here, from green vervets and patas monkeys to different species of birds. More than 100 species can be counted here, making it a place to enjoy for those who want to look out and catch sight of particular avian species.

Tourists aiming to learn about the heritage and culture of Gambia can venture to the African Living Art Centre. It has a fine gallery for antiques, as well as a cafe and orchid garden, which houses several works of art. Art buffs will find it pleasant here, as various exhibits occur where one can mingle and interact with local artists. The Wassu Stone Circles, an architectural curiosity constructed about 1,200 years ago. These burial sites were built with stones weighing several tonnes each. A museum nearby features displays discussing the possible uses of the stone in ancient history. Although not as grand as the Stonehenge, the place is amazing to see due to its evidence of a rich African culture.

How to get around within Gambia

Although the public transportation is not as convenient in Gambia, tourists going here can rely on the ferry to get around different parts of the coast. From here, one can ride a sept-place or shared seven-seater taxi to Kerewan, where one can look for transport heading further east. Buses can also be found here, but they are not as comfortable due to the rough roads that make it slow and bumpy. Tourists additionally have the option to rent a car, which might be more useful for those who prefer to be independent while in the area.

How to get there

Tourists visiting this part of West Africa can schedule flights heading for Banjul International Airport. Airlines serving here include Arik Air, Binter Canarias, Brussels Airlines, Royal Air Maroc, Senegal Airlines, Thomas Cook Airlines, and Vueling.

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