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As one of the two Low Countries in Europe, Netherlands is well known for its wide plains and coastal environment. This has caused various flooding problems through the years. One fascinating thing about the country, though, is that Netherlands is one of the most densely packed populations in the world. People like living here, as the government continuously works to resolve its flood-prone status and promote a comfortable lifestyle.

Apart from its innovative flood prevention system, there are many facts about Netherlands that are particularly charming. This European country, for one, is one of the first countries to have an elected country, which pushed for a more democratic political climate. This pushed for liberal changes such as the legalisation of prostitution, euthanasia, abortion, and recreational drug use. These make Netherlands one of the most popular destinations for the modern, open-minded tourist.

Where to go

History and culture abounds in Netherlands, especially in Amsterdam, its capital. Other than the fascinating museums, there's Anne Frank House to visit. Travellers will find it a powerful and moving reminder about the Holocaust, as they view the memorabilia and explore the house where Anne and her family hid away from the Nazi.

For those looking for grandeur, the Royal Palace of Amsterdam won't disappoint. The structure itself grabs attention even from a distance due to its Dutch Classicism style. This serves to create a harmonious effect between decorative schemes and basic shapes. On top of the dome is a weather vane made to look like the Amsterdam coat of arms.

Tourists looking for a quiet corner in the city can visit the Natura Artis Magistra, a zoo with approximately 700 species and 200 tree varieties. Interaction with the wild creatures isn't the only activity to enjoy here. Other than the zoo and the aquarium, there's a Botanical Garden where different plants thrive and a zoological museum which offers various thought-provoking exhibits. A planetarium can also be found here, where those interested to learn more about space can go.

After the sightseeing tours, it's time to have a party with beers. Take the Heineken experience, one of the world's most popular alcoholic beverages. Go on a tour of the brewery and learn how the Heineken family came up with their fine product. After drinking a refreshingly cold bottle or two, it's time to enjoy the nightlife and mix with the friendly Dutch locals.

Short Haul 

For travellers looking to explore nearby destinations from Netherlands, there's United Kingdom to visit. This country has various unique sights such as the Stonehenge, a landmark whose origins are widely debated on by social scientists and other specialists. Another fascinating structure is Hadrian's Wall, a fascinating structure built to protect the Britannian colony against incursions from the Scots. This demonstrates how the mighty Romans had found the Scots so formidable.

Long Haul 

Faraway travels starting from Netherlands can be fun, especially if the destination is equally charming. Argentina embodies this quality, as this is a place where travellers can learn the tango for free in such authentic surroundings. Follow up a dancing session with a wine tasting of various home-grown brews. This Latin American country is packed with a lot of wineries that tourists will have a fun time deciding which wine they like. Hiking and nature appreciation is also popular here. The Andes and Iguazu Falls are only some of the sights to visit.

How to get out

As one of the major airports in the world, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol offers tourists various options for air travel. European flights are common here, including flights going to Africa and various Asian regions. Flights to the Americas are also available, making travel relatively convenient. 

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