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Located in the north of the United Kingdom, Scotland is a country known for its great areas of wilderness and unspoilt natural beauty. With everything from forests and woodlands, highlands and lowlands, hills and mountains, coasts and islands, to lochs and rivers on the modest 30,000 square miles of Scotland, it is the perfect holiday destination for coastal drives, nature walks, road trips and bird or wildlife-watching expeditions. Scotland’s population of 5.2 million speak English, Scots and Gaelic, so don’t fret about a language barrier - though the Scottish speak with a distinct accent that may take a while to get used to.

Be prepared for a real feast for the senses when you visit this ethereally beautiful country, and don’t forget to try some savoury Haggis - pudding containing the internal organs of sheep - before leaving for a truly Scottish experience.

Getting around

Getting around Scotland can be a magical experience if one takes the right form of transportation. You can’t go wrong with renting a car in this country as roads are wide, well-developed and gas stops are aplenty - you will also have the freedom of stopping whenever you want to for a photo op (and in a country like Scotland, you’d want to stop often). Otherwise, there are also some fantastic train services that take extremely scenic routes - The Royal Scotsman, for example, goes through mountains and offers views of glens and lochs on the way, and is considered one of the most luxurious train services in the world.

For those on a budget, though, long-distance buses are the cheapest way of travelling around Scotland.

What to see and do

Even for those who’ve never been to Scotland, the Scottish Highlands is probably what comes to mind when they think of the country, and for good reason: numerous Hollywood films have used the magnificent beauty of the Scottish Highlands as cinematic backdrop (most notably the Harry Potter franchise movies, which also prominently featured a Scottish Jacobite train) and popular culture has also catapulted the spectacular annual Highland Games into the spotlight. With its misty mountain ranges, idyllic glens, vast lochs and sandy beaches, the Scottish Highlands really look like a scene straight out of heaven. Visit the world-famous Loch Ness, second-largest lake in Scotland (though famous for other reasons), and Ben Nevis, tallest mountain in the country, all within the Scottish Highlands.

But if you’re a city-dweller hungering for the bustle and hustle of human activity, then Glasgow – largest city in Scotland – is your place. Named European Capital of Culture in 1995, Glasgow is full of amazing architecture and also has a happening music and art scene, on top of being considered one of the safest cities in the world. Once a part of Lonely Planet’s top 10 cities for tourists, Glasgow offers the perfect fusion between natural and man-made attractions for the modern tourist, with rolling hills and clear blue lochs set next to top museums, galleries, cathedrals, concert halls and more.  

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