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Considered the world’s first multicultural society, Sicily is famed as an island full of gorgeous sandy beaches, an ideal holiday destination for some fun in the sun but there’s so much more to this region than its superficial beauty. The largest island in Italy and the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily is an autonomous region of Italy but has a distinct culture of its own. It was once oft-fought-over by various ancient peoples (as many prime pieces of land on Earth have been), from the Phoenicians to the Romans, Arabs, Byzantines, Vandals, Spanish, Bourbons and more. All of these invaders left a distinct mark on Sicily’s culture, cuisine or architecture, which is preserved throughout the island’s many little towns and villages. To truly understand Sicilian culture and cuisine, one must first traipse all its communities as each is unique to itself and shaped by its own history.

Sicily - known as Trinacria in its ancient days - is also one of the most geologically active regions on Earth: it is the home of Mount Etna, tallest active volcano in Europeas well as volcanoes Vulcan, Vulcanello and Lipari. It also holds numerous mountain ranges, from Madonie, Nebrodi, Peloritani, to the Hyblaean Mountains, all of whom add their mystical beauty to the island’s charm.

Getting around

One of the best ways of getting around Sicily is by train, as most of the major towns on the is-land are connected by rail lines, and train fares quite inexpensive. Buses are also available for inter-city transport, though they are usually slower (but cheaper). However, nothing beats having a rental vehicle as many gorgeous off-road attractions on Sicily can be reached.

What to see and do

If in Sicily, don’t miss a visit to the Necropolis of Pantalica, where a large chunk of Sicily’s history is preserved in thousands of prehistoric rock-cut tombs. Pantalica - once a thriving settlement that dominated Sicily - is postulated to have been abandoned or deserted in the 12th century due to the expansion of surrounding towns, leaving nothing of itself behind except some ancient pottery, rock-cut houses and thousands of burial chambers cut in the rock. Though a little morbid, the Necropolis offers a priceless glance into the lives of ancient Sicilians and is also surrounded by stunning natural beauty in the form of a valley bursting with flora and fauna. Classi-fied as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Necropolis - with its natural caves and limestone ravine - is also a nature reserve as it supports a huge variety of plant and animal life.

After that, relax on the picturesque Aegadian Islands (also known as Isole Egadi in Italian) for a true Mediterranean holiday. A coastal region peppered with little coastal towns and resorts, it is the perfect place for basking in the sun with good wine at really affordable prices, swimming or snorkelling in blue seawaters that surround the island rich with aquatic life, or perhaps some cave-exploring; you may even witness prehistoric cave paintings in some of them.  

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