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Hotels in Malacca

Malacca city, located in the south of Malaysia, is the capital of the Malaysian state of the same name. A popular tourist destination for locals and foreigners alike, Malacca is known for its cultural attractions and is unofficially known as the Historic State of Malaysia. A diverse area with Portuguese, Dutch, and British influences, it has also been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

To make the most of your Malacca vacation, though, staying in the right place is key. From the never-ending excitement of Malacca City, the bright lights of Jonker Street to the family-friendly district of Ayer Keroh, find your best accommodation fit in Malacca with Skyscanner.  

Where to stay

For the city-lovers 

If being in the thick of things 24/7 sounds like its right up your alley, staying in the heart of Malacca is perfect for you. Capital Malacca City is full of city excitement, from the large sprawling malls, luxury hotels, fine-dining establishments, sophisticated nightlife spots and more.

But it has its quirky character as well, and you’ll be able to witness the city’s diverse cultural influences in its historical landmarks scattered all around. Malacca City is perfect for everyone, be it families, business travellers or the young looking for a bit of fun. 

For the backpackers

But if you’re looking for budget accommodations plus after-dark fun, then the bright lights of Jonker Street are for you. A hotbed of pretty lanterns, little shops hawking cheap wares, museums, old shophouses, religious buildings and a slew of guesthouses, backpacker hotels and hostels, Jonker Street is everything Asia put together in one long stretch. At night, the entire street is transformed into a hopping night market as well, making it a great hangout spot for families and young travellers alike. 

For families 

Families looking for a peaceful child-friendly vacation may enjoy staying around the Ayer Keroh district instead, though. Famous for its top-rated theme park Taman Mini Malaysia along with a host of other fun attractions, this region is guaranteed to send your child to kiddy paradise for the duration of the whole holiday.

There’s a Butterfly and Reptile Sanctuary, Bird Park and the Melaka Zoo, along with the wonders of Taman Mini Malaysia. This park contains famous landmarks in miniature from around the world including the Great Wall of China, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Sphinx, so your whole family will be treated to a uniquely fun experience that manages to be educational as well. You’ll find plenty of family-friendly hotels around the Ayer Keroh district as well.