Cheap flights from Sao Tome and Principe

When one is in the mood to visit an island, one can think of visiting Sao Tome and Príncipe. These two small volcanic lands can be found off the coast of Gabon where tourists will find a charming Portuguese-Creole culture amidst a relaxed setting. Palm-fringed beaches with a lush rainforest, as well as high peaks and mellow fishing villages add to the appeal, which let visitors unwind and enjoy a vacation away from the bustling pace of a megalopolis.

Due to its island environment, visitors going here will find a thriving wildlife and natural resources. The birdlife is excellent here, with turtle- and whale-watching opportunities abounding. Heritage buildings will also be found here, which demonstrate the rich culture of this small island country. Those who want to just sit back and relax, on the other hand, can visit locally run lodges and hotels to be near the water.

Where to go

Principe, a smaller island than Sao Tome, is a natural paradise that tourists will enjoy visiting. A virgin forest covers jutting volcanic mountains and surrounded by beaches. The island also offers a variety of fun water activities, from sailing and fishing to snorkelling down the underwater paradise. Those going here can venture to Santo Antonio, which architecture is alike with Sao Tome. There is also the Bom Bom Island Resort, an exclusive upscale beach, which has brought improved facilities in the island.

There is also Ilheu das Rolas to see, a small isle off the southern coast of Sao Tome. This beautiful small tract of land is the site of the Pestana Equador, an upscale dive resort. Those who want to enjoy more secluded beaches, however, can visit Praia das Conchas and Praia dos Tamarindos. One will find here Lagoa Azul, an excellent spot for snorkelling. It is a rocky beach, though, which makes it a bit dangerous to swim in.

Those who want to visit nearby countries can turn to Gabon, where one can enjoy the sights of beautiful landscapes and a thriving wildlife in a remarkably stable country. One will find here the Minkebe National Park, home to forest elephants, gorillas, cheetahs, and isolated ethnic groups. Although hard to reach, one can go here and visit the World Wildlife Fund or head to Bitam, a town near the area. The Ivindo National Park also await here, which features Langoue Bai, a dense, tropical park, where one can find more species. Tourists can venture to the Wildlife Conservation Society here, where there is a research station and ecocamp, where one can view the wildlife easily. There is also Mayumba National Park to see, where one see barnacled whales, sea turtles, and many others.

Libreville, the capital of the country is also a place to see. It is one of Africa's most expensive cities, but the experience can be worth the sum, as one can find here various sights starting with the Musee des Arts et Traditions. Its exhibits on tribal crafts and culture, as well as a great collection of masks, make an excellent sight, especially for those interested in learning about Gabonese history and heritage.

Those who go on more island adventures can go on a long journey from Sao Tome to Tasmania, a small island off the coast of Southern Australia. Those going here will not find an isolated wilderness, but a thriving, hip arts and food scenes. There is the Apple Isle, which turns out premium seafood, cheese, bread, and produce that delight passionate foodies. Arts and music events are also popular here, which make it one of the cultural centres of Australia.

Tourists out to Tasmania can visit MONA, a museum featuring ancient antiquities and contemporary art for adults. Cataract Gorge is also a major destination to discover, which lets one get close to bushland, cliffs, and the cold South Esk River. Salamanca Place is also worth going to, as the place shows classical Australian colonial architecture. Those going here will find various restaurants, cafes, bars, and shops. There is also the Salamanca Market to see, where one can choose among a wide array of produce and other merchandise.

How to get out

Travellers out to visit different places can book connecting flights from Sao Tome International Airport. Airlines serving here include African Aviation, Africa's Connection, CEIBA Intercontinental, Punto Azul, STP Airways, TAAG Angola Airlines, and TAP Portugal.

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