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Paraguay is often ignored due to its location and lack of renown. Wedged between two giants – Brazil to the northeast and Argentina to the southwest – this country in the middle of South America gathers only a bit of the attention hogged by its more popular neighbours. Travellers who venture to this part of the continent, however, will find a simple yet interesting impression of Paraguay. Various contrasting attractions can be found here, starting from the cities where horse-pulled carts still pull up with the cars on the road.
Travellers going here will find that Paraguay is a bit isolated from its neighbours. This might be due to the protectionist policies its leaders have set in its borders, which closed the majority from the rest of South America. Another interesting fact about the Paraguayans is their rich indigenous culture which stayed with them even after a Spanish occupation between 16th century and 1811. Many of the people today speak both Spanish and Guaraní, the native tongue of Paraguay.
What to see & do
Travellers out to see the sights of Paraguay can start with Asunción, the capital. A mix of charming tradition and convenient modernity, Asunción serves various attractions such as the Museo del Barro, which displays pre-Columbian and indigenous crafts, modern paintings, and political caricatures. One can spend an hour or more staring at the fine sights before checking out Parque Ñu Guazú, a pleasant place to go to, with lakes and walking trails for those who want to explore. There is also the Cementerio de la Recoleta to visit, where one can find incredible mausoleums that seem to be in a competition for being the grandest structure. From here, one can check out the Colonists Museum, a creaky wooden building that houses the original colony headquarters.
Encarnación, one of the most beautiful towns of Paraguay, is also a place to look forward to. Tourists going here will find the colonial part of the area next to the river's edge. Old buildings and large businesses can be found here, such as the Jesuit ruins of Trinidad and Jesus. This UNESCO World Heritage site may garner only a few visitors, but those going here will find a fascinating view around the red-brick hilltop ruins. From here, tourists can venture to other areas in Paraguay such as Concepción.
If Encarnación is 'La Perla del Sur', then Concepción is 'La Perla del Norte'. One will find here a laidback ambiance even in the busy parts of town, while others can go on river cruises to go upriver where there are nearby sandy beaches. Those staying in the town proper can check out various establishments such as the Museo del Cuartel de la Villa Real, a well-restored barracks displaying collections on historical and war memorabilia. One can also go out to the Parque Nacional Cerro Corá, where one can explore the forest on the steep hills. There are also pre-Columbian caves and petroglyphs to check out here, which makes the park a fascinating outdoor destination.
How to get around
Travellers can take the buses, which are comparatively cheap and efficient to ride. Taxis are also available for those who want a faster mode of transport. Most of them are metered, making it easier to prepare the fare. One can also rent a car going to various other places, which is convenient for those with a comprehensive itinerary to remote spots in the country.
How to get there
Those planning to visit Paraguay can schedule connecting flights to Silvio Pettirossi International Airport. Airlines serving here include Aerolineas Argentinas, Amaszonas, American Airlines, Avianca Peru, BQB Lineas Aereas, Copa Airlines, Gol Airlines, TAGUA, and TAM Airlines Paraguay.

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