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Tajikistan is a mountainous country in Central Asia which is home to a number of ancient cultures like the city of Sarazm during the Neolithic and Bronze Age. The country has four provinces and a population of about eight million, most of whom belong to the Tajik ethnic group who speak the modern Persian dialect called Tajik. Ninety percent of the country is covered by mountains. Tajikistan has a unique non-Turkic culture different from its neighbouring countries. Despite the beauty of the country, it is considered the poorest out of the Soviet states and also the poorest in Central Asia. However, Tajikistan is still worth visiting for its beautiful landscape and its continental summers and mild winters.

What to see & do

Ancient Penjikent - The site features the ruins of a major Sogdian town decorated with hunting scenes and pillars with the shape of dancing girls. Ancient Penjikent is now a hillside with a wall-stub ruins where you can still identify the foundations of very old structures. It has been considered a remarkable site of preservation with an impressive citadel sitting on top of the hill which overlooks the entire city. Some of the remarkable frescoes of Penjikent are now kept inside the Rudaki Museum which is at the centre of the modern town. It features artefacts like ornaments carved from wood and clay, ritual pottery and ossuaries.

Jafr Agro-Eco Centre - The Jafr Agro-Eco Centre is home to numerous local and exotic fruit trees planted by poet and collector Mirzosho Akobirov. It is currently under construction to feature the great collections of Mirzosho. Once finished, it is expected to have a stunning balcony view. There is still no news on when it will open or the ticket prizes but Mirzosho already organises guides and horses to hike up the valley where his collections are housed.

Pamir Mountains - This mountain range is considered as among the highest and most beautiful in the world. It occupies Tajikistan, China, and some parts of Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan. The Pamir Mountains also lie between the Himalayas, Tien Shan, and Hindu Kush. Also called the “Roof of the World”, the mountain range is one of the most unexplored regions on earth because it is remote, high, and cold. It was just recently that it was opened to climbers and trekkers.

How to get around within Tajikistan

Minivans and taxis ply major cities in the country with tourists opting to share a vehicle with other passengers. The ride is priced per person with the rental amount divided by the number of passengers. SUVs are usually the choice of travellers as these leave daily from the Khujand large minibus terminal located outside the city. Trains also depart from Khujand on Fridays and Sundays then arrive at Dushanbe the next day. Adventure drivers also love to use the Pamir highway which is popular among riders. It is possible to rent a car or a motorcycle to go to tourist destinations.

How to get there

Getting inside the country is easy especially for nationals from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Mongolia, Jordan, Russia, and Ukraine because they do not need a visa and can stay in the country for about 90 days. All other visitors are however required to secure a visa. There are two airlines in the country –Tajik Air and Somon Air – which carry passengers from Russian cities and other Central Asian destinations. Their main hub is at Dushanbe International Airport, which is also served by other airlines such as Air Astana, Avia Traffic Company, China Southern Airlines, flydubai, NordStar, Kam Air, Orenair, S7 Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Ural Airlines, and UTair Aviation. The airport in Khujand has flights to and from Istanbul, Dubai, Frankfurt, Tehran, and Kabul.

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