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Nigeria - or more officially, the Federal Republic of Nigeria - is a country located in West Africa, bordered by Benin, Niger, Chad, Cameroon and the Gulf of Guinea. Considered Africa’s most populous country, Nigeria supports a whopping 170 million people. Greatly blessed by natural gas and petroleum reserves, Nigeria is one of the world’s fastest growing economies and also one of its largest oil producers, giving it the nickname the ‘Giant of Africa’ (as of June 2015).

If in Nigeria, don’t miss a visit to the country’s most developed wildlife reserve - the Yankari National Park. With a huge, diverse wildlife population - including 550 elephants, the largest herd in West Africa - Yankari National Park promises to awe and inspire. Besides Africa’s large beasts (like crocodiles, hippopotamuses, waterbucks, warthogs and others) Yankari National Park also offers clear, turquoise warm water springs that can be bathed in as well as numerous archaeo-logical sites.

If you’re looking for a short trip from Nigeria, a 3-4 hour flight can get you to The Republic of Sudan in North Africa, the third largest country on the continent. Situated in the Nile Valley, Sudan marks the spot where the two major tributaries of the River Nile - the Blue and White Niles - converge to form the longest river in the world and the life source of Africa.

Once in Sudan, don’t forget to visit the jewel of the country’s crown: the Pyramids of Meroe, a huge collection of ancient burial sites that were constructed for the Nubian royals some 800 years ago. Built over the tombs of members of the royal family, these Egyptian-inspired pyramids are smaller in size to their Egyptian counterparts but no less in symbolic value to the Nubian, who initially reserved this privilege for those of noble blood (but eventually allowed the wealthy to indulge in some of their own pyramids as well). With over 200 pyramids at the Meroitic site, this massive necropolis is a real sight to behold and was added to the prestigious list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2011.

Have time to spare? Why not try exploring some exotic Asian wilderness for a change? Take a long-haul flight to Central Asia for a look at Mongolia, a landlocked country slotted between Russia and China. Known for its vast expanse of dramatic, unspoilt natural beauty, you can find everything from green, wide-open pastures to tall mountains, massive steppes, imposing deserts, glassy blue lakes and much more within this country. Besides its incredible endowment of scenic beauty, Mongolia is also renowned for being one of the last few places on earth where nomadic traditions are still practiced.

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