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The ancient caravan cities at the edge of the Sahara, now forming Niger, is an evocative place to visit due to its fine desert surroundings that has brought some of the world's most fascinating cultures. Niger in West Africa is one of them, with the stark magnificence of the Air Mountains hiding Neolithic rock art and oasis towns. In the expansive dunes of the Tenere Desert are also dinosaur graveyards and deserted medieval settlements.

Where to go

When in Niamey, tourists will find the Niger River's lush shores and active markets. One will also find here the Musee National du Niger, one of the stand-out museums. It features various ethnic groups as well as a glimpse of the Boubou Hana pavilion's 100 million-year-old Sarcosuchus imperator. The skeleton of this dinosaur once trooping through the countryside makes an astonishing sight, making this museum a must-visit for tourists. From here, tourists can then take off for Petit Marche, which lies in the centre of the town. Although often a place for many pickpockets, those going here can enjoy looking at some of the produce and wares being offered for sale.

Zinder with its traditional Hausa houses and labyrinthine old-quarter alleys makes another intriguing destination to visit here. One will also find here the infamous prison in the Palais du Sultan, which evokes its grand history which made the old trans-Saharan route grow as the capital of the Damagaram state, and then as a colonial centre in the time of the French occupation in the late 1890s.

Ouagadougou, a short haul flight only an hour or so away, makes a fine destination to visit for its arts, dance, and concert venues. Musee National is one of the treasures here, where one can find various masks, ancestral statues, and traditional costumes. Although a work in progress, this place can still be fascinating to behold, especially for those new to this part of Africa.

The Moro-Naba Palace can also be nice to see, where one can watch the ceremony undertaken by the emperor of Mossi every early morning of Fridays. Tourists, as well as other spectators are forbidden from taking pictures, but welcome to stay for the ceremony. From here, one can check out the musical heritage of Burkina Faso at the Musee de la Musique, where one can find out how the Burkinabe (how the people call themselves) enjoy and make music.

When looking for a change of scene, tourists can venture to Tanzania. One will find here Mt Kilimanjaro National Park, one of the most visited parks in the country. Those coming here can take on the highest peak of Africa or stare in awe at the equatorial mountain capped with snow. Those looking around will also find cultivated farmlands, a lush rainforest, and alpine meadows. The lower rainforest is also home to various species from elephants and leopards to buffaloes and monkeys.

From here, one can venture to Zanzibar, which is ringed by some of Africa's best coral beaches. Those exploring will find the Stone Town, an ancient city where one can check out various interesting spots. One can also pass through the primeval Jozani Forest, as well as Chumbe Island's pristine coral garden. All these evoke a feeling of paradise, especially for tourists looking for a combination of restful beaches and fascinating historic locations.

How to get out

Visiting other places from Niger is possible with flights going from Diori Hamani International Airport in Niamey. Airlines serving here include Air Cote d'Ivoire, Air Algerie, Air Burkina, Air France, ASKY Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Royal Air Maroc, Senegal Airlines, Turkish Airlines, and Westair Benin.

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