Cheap flight tickets to Morocco

Cheap flights to Morocco

Most international flights to Morocco enter the country via three airports: the Casablanca Mohammed V International Airport, the Marrakech Menara Airport, and Agadir Al-Masira International Airport. Some Morocco flights also land in its capital, Rabat, via the Rabat-Salé Airport, which is a joint public and military airport that mostly services flights from Europe.

Like all other Moroccan cities, Rabat is lined with beautiful architecture and Instagrammable streets. But if you’re coming from Malaysia, chances are your entry point will really be the bustling port city of Casablanca. A commercial hub, Casablanca is always buzzing with energy. Bookings Morocco flights with Casablanca as the gateway is a great idea so you get to take in Morocco’s distinct identity as a diverse cultural hub and historical trade hotspot.

Why plan a trip to Morocco

From stunning architecture to delicious cuisine and awe-inspiring deserts, there are many reasons to book air tickets to Morocco. It’s such a beautiful country that a lot of tourists don’t even know where to begin. Why not start at the lifeline of modern Morocco, Casablanca? After all, any Morocco trip wouldn’t be complete without it.

While it’s a North African country, Morocco has a coastline along the Mediterranean Sea. These geographic features then explain its distinct Islamic-African heritage and culture. To get a peek into this duality, drop by the Hassan II Mosque and spot marvellous finds at the souks in Old Medina, New Medina, Soco de Moina, and the Derb Ghallef Flea Market. For architecture that will blow your mind, pass by the Royal Palace of Casablanca and the old Moorish building called Mahkama du Pacha. When you’re ready to eat, try the couscous, the fish chermoula, and some spicy sardines. Not in the mood for fish? Have the pigeon pie instead!

If you find yourself in Rabat, pay a visit to the Grand Mosque of Salé. Fez is home to the leather tanneries, which have been there since the medieval period, so make sure it’s part of your Morocco trip! Morocco’s Rif Mountains, on the other hand, boasts of the bright blue streets of Chefchaouen town. We’re sure you know all about Marrakech and the Sahara Desert. That’s right – they’re in Morocco too! Can you imagine it already? Booking cheap flight tickets to Morocco will do your social media feeds wonders, we tell you. Photos from your trip will turn out so beautiful that you won’t be able to stop yourself from searching for even more cheap flights to Morocco!

Best time to visit Morocco

Like any temperate destination, this country experiences four seasons. So when booking your Morocco flights, do take this into consideration and check on weather forecasts, too. They say the best Morocco trips happen during Spring, from mid-March to May. This is when the landscape is made even more beautiful by spectacular greenery. November to February marks winter and they get pretty cold so remember to pack warm clothes if your Morocco flights fall under these months. June to August are the country’s hottest months. The closer you are to the Sahara Desert, the more you’ll feel the heat!

Morocco travel budget

The Moroccan Dirham (MAD) is Morocco’s currency. RM1 converts to MAD.43 as of 02 June 2019. A daily budget of MAD278 (RM120) already affords you a comfortable stay. For MAD46 (RM20), you can rent a bed space or check into a simple hostel. Good Moroccan hotels are usually priced MAD387 (RM167) and up a night, but it would be better to compare prices online. Meal prices vary, but for MAD127 (RM55) a day set aside for food, we promise you won’t go hungry during your Morocco trip. Now all you need are those cheap flights to Morocco.

Morocco visa information for Malaysians

Great news! Malaysian passport holders can travel to Morocco visa-free and stay in the country for a whopping 90 days. Just make sure your passport is well within its validity dates. So have you found cheap flight tickets to Morocco yet?

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