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Scattered on the Pacific Ocean is a wide range of beautiful archipelagos and islands, each with their own identity and cultural value. One of them is the American Samoa, which lies 3,668 miles away from Australia. Vastly unnoticed and underrated due to its isolated location, this set of islands in the Pacific exhibit breath-taking natural beauty from its splendid mountain ridges to peaceful bays and beaches. Sleepy settlements and villages also make a nice picture of simple living, which can make one further appreciate a laidback holiday.

When checking out the beauty of American Samoa, one will best explore it through a boating trip. Tourists can paddle away on a kayak or come with a local outrigger for harbour-level views of the peaks on the island. Those who want to stay on the shore can look out for the craggy black lava that forms a dramatic contrast with the green jungles and blue ocean.

Where to go

Pago Pago, the capital of this small island archipelago, is beautiful to behold due to its breath-taking cliffs and mountains. Its natural beauty is also plainly visible with its coves and bays, where one can indulge with some swimming and snorkelling. From here, one can hike along a trail to the peak above Tutuila's centrepiece harbour and go on a trek along to nearby islets. The restful quiet can also be enjoyed in a pleasantly deserted beach, which can be a pleasing cap to a relaxing vacation.

Those checking out more of American Samoa can turn to Leone, the second largest settlement on Tutuila. It once served as the Polynesian capital, and also where John Williams, the first missionary, landed on 1832. Tourists exploring the village can head to the churches. The one with three towers is finely maintained, with lovely stained-glass windows and beautiful woodwork. From here, tourists can move on to the National Park of American Samoa. It has an expanse of 2,160 hectares, which features cliffs almost 3,000 feet high. This can be fascinating to behold, especially for those new to the sights of American Samoa.

Samoa, one of the nearest islands from American Samoa, can be fascinating to explore. Apia, its capital, features the Falemataaga Museum, where one can look at displays on the history and culture of the archipelago. The collection is divided between four themed rooms, such as history, culture, environment, and the Pacific. From here, tourists can venture to Maketi Fou, where the main markets are located. Those going here will find local colour at its most active, as the noisy 24-hour bazaar is where local vegetables, groceries, and deep-friend street food can be bought.

Other than the capital, tourists can explore here Upolu, the second-largest and most populated island in Samoa. Tourists going here will see pristine beaches and offshore corals, lava cliffs, and plantations, as well as conservation areas. One can visit here To Sua Ocean Trench, two sinkhole-like depressions with sheer rock walls. Lake Lanoto'o is also here, which features the green crater with remote central highlands. The Piula Cave Pool is also a major venue for tourism here, where one can find freshwater grottoes side by side, only metres away from the sea.

Sri Lanka, although near the tip of India, has a separate culture of its own. A unique culture thrived here, which one will see in Anuradhapura, one of the ancient centres of civilisation in South Asia. Its ruins and sprawling complex of old landmarks make such an evocative sight. One can check out here the Archaeological Museum, which is housed in an old British colonial administration building. When entering here, tourists will find intriguing displays of artworks, carvings, and household items from Anuradhapura and other historic sites in the country.

From here, one can venture to Abhayagiri Dagoba, which dates back to the first century. This large edifice is an important landmark to visit. From here, visitors can look at the Ratnaprasada, which lies in ruins today. Originally five levels high with a tiered roof, this old structure that is also called the Gem Palace makes an interesting place to visit due to its beautiful carvings of the Cobra King holding a vase with a flowering branch.

How to get out

Tourists venturing out from American Samoa can turn to Pago Pago International Airport to visit other places. Airlines serving here include Hawaiian Airlines, Polynesian Airlines, Inter Island Airways, and Samoa Air, where passengers can be transported between Apia-Fagali'i, Apia-Faleolo, Asau, Honolulu, Maota, Ofu, and Ta'u.

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