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Some say that its the land of Christmas; others think it a vast empty area of snow and ice. But the Republic of Finland is more than just a winter wonderland (though it is located all the way up in the deep north). This beautiful nordic country - bordered by Sweden, Norway and Russia - is a land of extremes: in summer, the sun almost never sets (leading to sightings of the elusive midnight sun) and in winter, the sun almost never shines (but gives way to another natural lumi-nescence, the Northern Lights). The eighth largest country in Europe, Finland also boasts an as-tonishing 188,000 lakes that make up 10% of the country’s area. The remaining 90% is filled with acres upon acres of pristine forests, woodlands, mountains, hills and much more.

Finland’s unspoilt natural beauty manages to co-exist peacefully with its bustling developed ci-ties, too - happening Helsinki, the country’s capital and the world’s northernmost urban area, is located just a stone’s throw away from some of the finest lakes and forests Europe has to offer.

Don’t leave Finland without first visiting the country’s amazing capital, Helsinki. There, you can have a personal look at the magnificent Suomenlinna, largest maritime fortress in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This sea fortress was built on a collection of separate islands and had an important role to play in the country’s history (it is, in part, responsible for Finland’s cur-rent prosperity.) Though no longer used for military purposes today Suomenlinna continues to show the world the beauty of ancient European military architecture, and has since also comfort-ably adapted to fulfil its new roles as a tourist attraction and amazing picnic spot.

If you’re after a charming nordic holiday somewhere equally stunning, a 1.5 hour flight can get you over to Oslo, Norway’s capital. This lively city - besides being the economic engine of Nor-way and one of the best cities in Europe quality-of-life wise - is nestled amidst some of the greatest natural wonders on the planet, including great mountain ranges like the Hallingskarvet, Norway’s highest waterfall Vøringsfossen, stunning fjords filled with crystal clear water, Eu-rope’s highest mountain plateau Hardangervidda, spectacular glaciers and much more. With so much beauty surrounding the city, its no surprise that Oslo is considered the perfect gateway for nature-lovers to get in touch with the great outdoors. Go hiking around the mountains and forests in summer, fish, kayak or sail in the fjords, then switch your shoes for ski boots and embark on a cross-country ski trail or alpine skiing in winter.

Tired of the north? How about a foray into the Southern Hemisphere for a change in scenery? If time is on your side, grab a long-haul flight to paradise island Mauritius. With its diverse landscapes and natural scenery, this beautiful island nation offers something new at every turn - swim in stunning emerald lagoons, bask in the sun on a gorgeous white sand beach, tour picturesque little villages, admire dramatic jagged sea cliffs, or have a go at deep-sea fishing for big-game fish like marlin and tuna.











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